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Office Evolution Coworking Space Franchise is Using a Family Approach to Help Grow the Brand

If you are bold enough, Office Evolution, guided by its Ohana philosophy, can help you control your future and build your business with its coworking space franchise. In Hawaiian culture, Ohana translates into an extended family that includes your friends, co-workers, and social group members. In Office Evolution’s culture, Ohana refers to the close ties between brave entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who will help grow the brand.

Based in Louisville, Colorado, Office Evolution is one of the largest networks of locally owned, work-empowered destinations in the United States. Our coworking space franchises range from individual desk spaces to expansive offices or corporate headquarters. Our office spaces encourage creative, productive workflow through innovation and clear connections to the business world. Each all-inclusive, private office features 24/7 availability and business class internet services.

In today’s business environment, everyone needs their own space. You can give the clients all the room they need to grow – it can be a win-win.

Taking Initiative and Starting a Coworking Space Franchise 

Mark Hemmeter, the founder of Office Evolution, took on the bold initiative of establishing affordable, safe workplace stations for rent in 2003. He acted on inspiration; it was early days in the office space business. 

Freelancers and sole proprietors are businesspeople, too, and Mark saw their need for reasonably sized and reasonably priced office space. He also recognized that small business executives working from home might consistently want access to their own comfortable, professional meeting places.

Mark envisioned a way to fill a market void by providing flexible, shared office space options to conduct business and handle personal issues in privacy. Spearheaded by the Ohana culture he admired, he developed an authentic start-up platform with a variety of shared office space models to help meet multiple business needs. Nine years after opening his first site, Mark started franchising the Office Evolution concept.

Over the past two decades, Office Evolution has expanded to 75 office space business sites in 25 states. Spurred by its high-achieving concepts, the open office space sector is a burgeoning niche industry, and industry analysts predict the business sector will continue to expand.

You can be as bold as the Office Evolution founders, and take your own steps toward owning a coworking space franchise.

Who is Investing in Office Evolution Franchise Opportunities? 

The “Ohana” concept of family includes each of our franchise location owners. Let’s meet Ted, one of Office Evolution’s franchise owner candidates. Ted is a bright, creative, and hard-working leader who constantly motivates his associates. He worked in the tech space for years and rarely took time off, and eventually his efforts paid off. Ted now owns a media consulting company that specializes in marketing and sales best practices for technology firms.

Ted has achieved some success, but he became restless, looking for a new challenge to continue building business as he enters his pre-retirement years. He chose an Office Evolution coworking space franchise investment due to the company’s outstanding reputation, attention to franchise owners, and multiple, flexible configuration options. 

Authentic Approaches to Building an Office Space Business

Ted is one of more than 100 Office Evolution franchise owners. For bold investors researching high-achieving opportunities, there are two signature characteristics that help set Office Evolution apart.

Office Evolution’s Ohana Philosophy

First, within Office Evolution’s Ohana philosophy, family assistance is at the forefront. Trusted and experienced corporate associates and support staff are ready to assist with the end-to-end aspects of launching every new Office Evolution coworking space franchise. Talented and dedicated teams will be assigned to provide aid with real estate, construction, marketing, sales, billing, operations, and technology services. 

Four Development Models for Maximum Opportunity

There are multiple shared office space configurations with Office Evolution, meaning you can choose the single-location type or multiple models that best suits your business goals.

  1. Semi-absentee owner, great for a single salaried employee
  2. Landlords who add shared office space to their existing real estate properties
  3. Conversions of a current coworking location to Office Evolution
  4. Pre-owned locations for sale, reducing the time needed to opening

Regardless of model type, the coworking category is expected to increase by 30% this decade. The demand for coworking office space is increasing, and as the industry evolves and changes, Office Evolution offers a solution to help companies and entrepreneurs keep working. 

Employees at small and large companies can remain connected through Office Evolution’s coworking space franchises.

A Company to Count On

One of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., Office Evolution’s rising profile has been well-documented. Here are three recent accolades

  • Entrepreneur’s #1 coworking franchise
  • Listed on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 since 2017 
  • Inc. 5000 increased the company’s ranking by 194 percent. 

Work Empowered Freedom through Coworking Space Franchises

Every worker needs their own space, especially freelancers, sole proprietors, and small business executives. They’re looking for affordable and safe shared office space solutions with convenient locations and top online amenities.

More than 100 bold entrepreneurs have taken initiative to become Office Evolution franchise owners, with more to come. If you’re ready to take initiative and explore the advantages of Office Evolution’s coworking space franchise, we’d like to talk with you.

Contact us today.

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