Shared office space

Get a Virtual Office

If you’re starting a business but aren’t ready for an office rental, a virtual office could be the next best thing. And if you’re looking for the perfect place to launch your virtual workplace, we suggest starting at Office Evolution.

At our business center, you’ll find everything you need to build your virtual office. Our business address service will give you a mailing address that’s indistinguishable from one of our office addresses. We offer a telephone answering service that will give you the customer service presence of a larger business. And with a co-working plan, you’ll get access to a professional workspace at a fraction of the cost of an office.

Our Virtual Office Services

Our services let you pick and choose the professional services you need. Our custom plans are perfect if you’re establishing a virtual office, allowing you to build a plan that makes sense for your business. You can also choose the term of your plan, giving you more control and flexibility.

Business Address

A business address is an important part of any virtual workplace. At our location, we can provide you with a professional mailing address that appears just like an office address. This address will include a private mailbox and parcel reception services.

Telephone Answering

Our telephone answering service is a popular choice for sole proprietors and busy small business owners. On a basic plan, you’ll get 60 minutes of phone answering per month. Calls to your business will be answered by a live receptionist using a personalized greeting for your company. We can also provide call screening, call forwarding to multiple numbers, and other in-demand features.

Co-working & Meeting Space

With a virtual workplace, you still need somewhere to work. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of working from home, we suggest trying our co-working space. A co-working plan at our location costs a fraction of an office rental while giving you access to an ergonomic workspace and the resources of a larger office. We also offer conference room and day office rentals, perfect for meetings with clients or colleagues.

Contact Office Evolution today to learn more about our virtual office services!