Member Spotlight: Brandon Wood of X3 Marketing in OE Northglenn, Colorado

Brandon Wood: X3 Marketing

– Office Evolution in Northglenn, Colorado

“As business owners, we come at this from the from the standpoint of understanding what we need, what we were looking for so that’s why we’re really motivated to provide those things.”

What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

“Trust, results and clarity.  A lot people in all kinds of businesses, they’re constantly striving for trust but they don’t actually do anything with results and the clarity part to show their clients what they’re doing for them.  The second thing is really it’s kind of a Stephen Covey quote if you’ve ever heard of it ‘seek first to understand then seek to be understood’ and a lot of small business owners and business owners of all kinds walk in to sit with their clients and they just vomit everything about themselves instead of listening to what the client has to say first and then trying to help them find strategic solutions.”

Watch the video for the full interview with Brandon Wood.

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