Member Spotlight: Tonia Scalzotto – Vayn, Inc. – OE in Northglenn, CO

Tonia Scalzotto: Vayn, Inc.

– Office Evolution in Northglenn, CO

“We are providing a new service here to the Denver area and basically what we do is we offer full-service salon services in home so you can order hair services, barber services, nails, hair, makeup, facials, and in the future bridal services. Lots and lots of different things and you can do that in the safety and comfort of your own home.”

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would love to hear about your business.

“I saw that there was a gap in the industry on the stylist side because you know there’s so many folks out there that are in this industry and they don’t really make that leap in terms of being an entrepreneur and going out on their own because it’s scary.  There’s a lot of cost involved and they don’t have the clientele to really support it.  So, this business really not only helps the client in terms of convenience and safety and comfort but it’s also really giving stylists in our community an opportunity to become independent entrepreneurs and for us for me in this company that’s also a really big deal.”

Watch the video for the full interview with Tonia Scalzotto.

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