Office Evolution’s Northglenn, CO location featured on Denver’s Fox 31 News

Supporting small businesses during tough times—

Office Evolution’s Northglenn, CO location featured on

Denver’s Fox 31 News

Congratulations to Office Evolution franchise owners Diane and Dennis Mapes, as Denver’s own Fox 31 News gives small businesses, and the Mapes’ Office Evolution location, a boost this week! Dennis and Diane launched their OE franchise during the pandemic while dozens of area businesses shut their doors for good.

Fox 31 reported that Northglenn Mayor Hancock declares May 2-8th small business week in hopes of reviving those small businesses who have struggled over the past year. Reflecting, Diane says—

“Not going to lie, it was pretty tough at first, people are working from home, people weren’t getting out as much, but you know what? We hung in there. People realized it’s not (as) easy to work out of your house as you think.”

The Mapes’ Office Evolution, located right off I-25 and 120th Avenue, gives small businesses and entrepreneurs, “a space to call their own or a quiet place to make calls.”

Office Evolution’s remote workspace solutions include private offices, conference rooms, touchless entry, and flexible memberships, all allowing for easy social distancing at a time when many are looking for a safe place to work, be inspired, and be productive while staying safe and close to home.

Where Dreamers design, Risk-taker’s collaborate, and Do’ers make it happen—

We are Office Evolution. Join us!

See Office Evolution featured on Fox 31 News, here.

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