5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Office to an Office Rental in Broomfield

Working from a home office is a great solution for many small business owners, but it can put limits on your business. As your business grows, you may find that working from home makes it hard to stay productive, gain new clients, or maximize billable hours. When this happens, upgrading your home office to an office rental may be needed — especially if you’re based in a competitive professional area like Broomfield, CO.

Is Your Home Office Limiting Your Profitability?

While many small business owners in Broomfield love working from their home office, working from home has limits that an office rental doesn’t. Trouble attracting new clients and problems scaling operations are two of small business owners’ biggest complaints about home offices. Many also struggle with time management, distractions, and their work-life balance.

If you’re a home-based entrepreneur in the Broomfield area, here are five warning signs that you might need to make the switch from a home office to a private office rental.

  1. You’re Swamped with Small Tasks. A home office means you’re the office manager, receptionist, cleaning team, and tech support department for your business. An office rental can cover all or most of these roles, giving you more time to focus on productive work hours.
  2. You Struggle to Capture New Clients. Working from home makes it hard to gain new clients. You lack a professional meeting space, your stationery lists a residential address, and you’re isolated from Broomfield-area businesses. An office rental can open doors to new clientele.
  3. You’ve Lost Your Personal Life. Running a business from a home office can quickly and easily erode work-life boundaries, particularly as your business expands. A healthy professional and personal balance may depend on finding a private office rental away from home.
  4. You Lack Needed Space or Resources. At a certain point, your home office might not have the space, furniture, or equipment you need. Moving to a pre-furnished, ready-to-work office rental solves these problems without putting your business on hold for a home office redesign.
  5. Your Need to Be More Productive. Working from a home office often means you’re hampered by distractions. When your business is growing and every hour counts, you might need the privacy and focus offered by a dedicated office rental.

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Broomfield Office Rental

If your home office is holding back your business, a Private Office rental with Office Evolution® Broomfield could give you the space you need to maximize your productivity, profitability, and potential. Our office rentals provide Broomfield’s small business owners with benefits that include:

  • Dedicated and distraction-free private office space, designed for focus and productivity.
  • Our pre-furnished space comes ready for work, with essentials and amenities in place.
  • Access to professionally equipped conference rooms and co-working spaces.
  • Staffed reception, phone answering services, and on-site support.
  • A professional mailing address with dedicated mailbox and parcel receiving services.
  • Close proximity to other Broomfield businesses and the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport.
  • Convenient access to Denver and its surrounding communities.

Time for a Private Office rental in Broomfield? Call Office Evolution Broomfield at 303-447-6864 for more information.

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