7 Reasons to Employ a Veteran

Need to hire a trustworthy, hardworking employee? Why not hire a veteran? The 7 benefits to employing a veteran:

1. Integrity

The military has already filtered through the candidates for you! Honesty is strongly embraced in the military. If you come across a vet with honorable discharge, you know you can count on them in your company.

2. Team Players

Veterans had to work together effectively from the start. They survived basic training and the field by respecting and depending on their team. Veterans know how to work with groups of all sizes, backgrounds, and skillsets.

3. Adaptability

Veterans can adapt to extremely stressful conditions. They continually adapt to changing environments and limited resources. Vets understand how to accomplish tasks in a timely manner with whatever is handed to them.

4. Leadership Skills

The military train people to work as a team, but also to be leaders. They are trained through delegation, direction and motivation. Vets have the skills to take the lead and get the job done.

5. Loyalty

Veterans gave back to our country and worked extremely hard for their homeland, proving their loyalty. This transitions into the office. A veteran is not looking for a short term gig. They are searching for a new place to grow and take pride in. They will work with discipline and structure that will help grow your business.

6. Accelerated Learning Curve

Training is crucial to all branches of the military from the first day up to discharge. Veterans are used to constant learning. They have proven the ability to learn new concepts quickly and to reach their goals.

7. Huge Supply

There are hundreds of thousands of veterans looking for work right now. The military just did an initial interview for you.

Hiring a U.S. veteran is a great addition to your office space. Happy Veterans Day.