Shared Workspaces Post COVID

Coronovirus has reshaped our society and has changed the way people and businesses do work. Most of us were forced to work from home. Companies had to quickly pivot to accommodate their employees working remotely. After 2 to 3 months of working from home, companies are reevaluating how they will go back to work.  


Large enterprises are looking to downsize their real estate footprint. Interest is growing in moving offices to the suburbs rather than having a large headquarters in the city. Companies are exploring satellite offices to spread out their staff and help avoid long commutes on mass transit. Employees (and customers) want flexibility, cleanliness, touchless processes, and transparency of procedures. Social distancing, no touch greetings, and stay at home orders have us rethinking how we do everyday tasks. 


Shared workspaces are a good option for companies looking to change how their employees workShared workspaces (or coworking spaces) are workstations or private offices rented by employers, freelancers, consultants, or anyone else who may not have a central office. The space is maintained by the owner of the space. All utilities and furniture are provided. Utilizing shared workspaces, a large company can downsize their headquarters and spread out their employees. Not only can this give their staff shorter commutes, but also the flexibility to work in a shared space or at home during the workweek. 


Office Evolution is a great example of a shared workspace that is ready to welcome the public back! There are over 70 locations across the country. Our members and guests live and work in the same community giving them short commutes. There is no need for mass transit. Offices are located on the first or second floor with access to stairs creating a virtually touchless entry. The community created inside the business center provides members a sense of predictability and accountability with processes and procedures being communicated and clearly marked. Office Evolution provides numerous private offices and meeting rooms with built in social distancing. Accommodations for social distancing are in place in the open coworking space. 


The shared workspace or coworking category is flourishing and historically grows post crisis. During challenging times the solopreneur market grows making coworking increasingly relevant. Office Evolution has taken the necessary precautions to safely welcome you back to work and change the way you do business! 

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