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Why Rent a Furnished Office in Cedar Rapids?

Thanks to new business centers like Office Evolution® Cedar Rapids, professionals in Cedar Rapids, IA have a wider range of office rental options than ever before. Take the issue of unfurnished vs. furnished office space. Unlike traditional office rentals, our private office rentals come fully furnished, providing you with an attractive, productive, ready-to-use workspace. Renting an office at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids comes with all kinds of benefits, saving you time and money while giving you a more functional workspace.

Undecided between a furnished or an unfurnished office rental? Here’s a closer look at how a furnished office can benefit you and your business.

Furnished Office Space Saves Time and Money

When you rent office space from a typical business center, it takes time before your office is ready for work. You’ll need to acquire, assemble, and arrange all necessary furniture and equipment, a process that can take several days. In many cases, office setup occurs in starts and stops. If this happens, you’ll be working out of a makeshift workspace for weeks or even months at a time.

At Office Evolution Cedar Rapids, a private office rental is ready for work almost instantly. Professionals who work primarily off their laptops can get started in less than five minutes: the time it takes to boot up your computer and configure your internet connection.

Renting a furnished office is not only time-effective, but cost-effective as well. Instead of spending upwards of a thousand dollars outfitting a personal workspace, these furnishings will be included in the cost of your monthly rent. This is a particularly smart choice if you’re renting a workspace for a temporary project, an undetermined length of time, or on a bootstrap budget.

Productive Workspace in Cedar Rapids

Renting pre-furnished workspace isn’t just a smart choice in terms of time and money. It’s also a smart choice in terms of your personal wellness and professional performance. Our offices are designed and furnished according to ergonomic principles. We include ergonomic seating, generous desk space, a focus-friendly color scheme, and a mix of natural and artificial lighting — perfect for modern professionals.

We also include the following productivity-boosting services and resources with every rental:

  • Private phone line, high-speed Ethernet, and secure Wi-Fi
  • Credits and discounts toward meeting room rentals
  • Live phone answering and business address services
  • Use of our coworking space and office printer/copier/scanner

If you plan to use your office for one-on-one meetings, there are further advantages to renting one of our private offices. We want to help you make a great first impression with clients and/or investors, so we’ve designed our space with an attractive, modern, and professional aesthetic. We also provide an array of complimentary guest amenities, helping you make your visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

Office Evolution Cedar Rapids is located in NewBo District, easily accessible from Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, and Fairfax, and steps away from some of the best shops, restaurants, and amenities the local area has to offer. Call 319-249-2020 today to take a tour or learn more about furnished office space at Office Evolution Cedar Rapids!