12 Benefits of Flexible Office Spaces and Coworking

Does working in coworking spaces really benefit? The question that is always asked. And the answer is YES. It has proven beneficial for businesses of all sizes and individuals seeking a place to work outside of the house.

This article will give you a deeper insight into the advantages of flexible workspaces. This article will describe the 12 benefits of using coworking spaces. Each one is important for you and your business to thrive.

1.  High-Profit Margins

Your product & service cost is directly dependent on your expenses. When the costs are higher, so is your price. You get everything your business needs in one single charge. The charge is a fraction of the cost when compared to owned office spaces. This keeps your overhead low, enabling you to provide your service at a competitive price while earning good profits. The lower the price of your services, the more business you gain. Putting more money in your pocket!

2.  Lower Office Expenditure

Offices are a necessity for all businesses. Workspace is a must whether you’re a freelancer or part of a small-scale business, but setting up a well-equipped office is expensive and requires a lot of funding. Even though it’s a rented place, you would need furniture, machinery & office equipment, which can be very costly. All these expenses can be a heavy burden; especially for small businesses, startups, or freelancers.

The benefit of coworking spaces is that you can get all these amenities at a little cost. Instead of having to buy all the office equipment on your own, you get access to ours and save money in the long term!

3.  No Cost of Operation

In the case of owned office setup, operational costs are another pain in your pocket. The significant operational expenses are rent and electricity services. The office rent is the expense that affects your budget. Coworking membership fees, when compared to rent and associated operational expenses are significantly lower.

Offices need to have air conditioning, sufficient lighting, &other necessary office equipment to meet workers’ needs. All these amenities & equipment need power to run. This leads to increased power consumption, which translates to higher expenses.

Additional operational costs include the internet, security, housekeeping, and maintenance. These costs hit your budgets where it hurts. All these separate expenses are eliminated when you use our coworking space.

4.  All-Time Accessibility

Our coworking space is accessible around the clock. It enables you to plan your work and account for the occasions when you may need to change your schedule. There are times when you may need to work at night or on weekends. In such cases, coworking space is the best option.

Office Evolution- Charlotte University is open 24/7 for your convenience. Whether it’s day or night, you have access to all the facilities. If you need to work on weekends & holidays, you can! Our accessibility ensures that you can be readily available to your clients during a crisis at any given time.

5.  Increases Productivity

For freelancers, coworking space creates a more structured and productive environment. At home, there are a lot of distractions that make it more difficult to focus. It is hard to constantly focus on work while working at home. Eventually, you start to see a decrease in your productivity. However, with coworking workspaces, such as Office Evolution-Charlotte University, the distractions that often divert your attention away from work when you’re at home are no longer present. Instead, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded professionals who are dedicated to their work. Without the looming threat of interference, you can finally concentrate. You achieve targets on time and bigger tasks take less time to complete. You can plan longer or shorter work duration considering your targets.  Furthermore, by going to a particular place for work, you can solidify work mode. It offers a great transition out of casual mode.

6.  More Networking Opportunities

It is the utmost benefit of coworking spaces. Coworking space offers a significant advantage by allowing you to connect with other individuals. You get to meet more & more professionals and interact with people from different professions.

At Office Evolution- Charlotte University –Meeting new people from different occupations helps you gain more knowledge, expand your network, and get more exposure.

Office Evolution- University Charlotte offers all these things and more! Individuals, as well as companies, have experienced business growth through networking in these flexible workspaces.

7.  Boost Creativity

Your creativity skyrockets as you become more exposed to new perspectives. Working with professionals improves your skillset and generates positive energy within you. It builds the confidence needed to accept new challenges, which is a fundamental trait for success.

Generally, you absorb things from your surroundings. In coworking spaces, you are surrounded by professionals. This type of environment fosters motivation and facilitates the exchange of ideas that form brilliant thoughts. You won’t feel isolated while working here. You get to interact with proficient people. Socializing with them will clear your vision & enhance your skills. The coworking facility gives you the liberty to be a part of the community. You also stay updated by exchanging information& ideas.

8.  Great added Features

Aside from the workspace, our facilities include an amenities center and access to 2 gyms. These facilities serve to refresh your mind& soul. The gyms help you to stay physically fit and allow you to get off that office chair you’ve been sitting in all day for some circulation. Sometimes, you just need an escape from work. Fear not, that’s what our amenities center is for. There’s nothing like a nice cup of coffee or a refreshing beverage to bring you back to life again!

9.  Membership Options

You get to select your membership category. There’re several options to suit your needs from shared desks to private offices, and from daily rates, weekly rates, monthly and yearly rates. The flexibility component allows you to choose which of our spaces suits you best.

At Office Evolution- Charlotte University, we offer a range of selections for our members as follows:

You can opt for whichever fulfills your requirements.

10.  Event Holding

Coworking spaces regularly hold various corporate events & training. Attending or hosting such events & training can be helpful for your business. At Office Evolution-University Center,  you can get access to such events, and we’re more than happy to host them in our space. Office Evolution-Charlotte University avails you with an excellent space to hold events and training for groups.  Whether it is a private event or a community one, we guarantee our space is the perfect choice for you.

11.  An Ideal Meeting Place

The coworking space is an excellent meeting place and it’s fully equipped with all office facilities. It is essential to present your work to clients in an impressive manner. Luckily, at Office Evolution – Charlotte University, plenty of conference rooms are conference rooms available. These rooms are well-equipped in accordance with your business needs.  You can hold your meetings & presentations here.

12.  Access to Fast Internet

High-quality fast private internet is a must for ideal working conditions. To complete the tasks within a set time, people need a strong internet connection they can always depend on. Some professions include big data transfers and use data such as videos & graphic designs. To upload or download such data, internet speed is crucial. All good flexible workspaces understand this need. That’s why Office Evolution- Charlotte University prides itself on being equipped with speedier internet.

Such high-speed internet service can be expensive. The plans & installation costs are too high and can prove to be unaffordable for individuals or small businesses. By using the internet here, you save money you would have otherwise had to spend on paying for high-speed internet separately.

Office Evolution- Charlotte University, provides super-fast high-speed internet. So, you don’t have to worry about connections while working. You can continue working smoothly without a nuisance.

Why Office Evolution- Charlotte University?

You might be wondering: “What separates us from every other coworking spaces company?” Well, here at Office Evolution- Charlotte University, Office Evolution is serious about supporting small business owners – the Dreamers, Risk-Takers, and Doers who dare to chase their passions. Most importantly, we’re locally owned!

We pride ourselves on maintaining the high quality of our service.  Our owners and staff will always take care of you, Many coworking companies have workspaces, but we work extra hard to provide the best conditions to fit your working desires.

Your performance gets amplified, your business expands by connecting with new people, your costs are cut by more than half, and you earn high profits. So, what are you waiting for? Flexible workspace is the future! Look no further, Office Evolution-Charlotte University is the place for you!