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5 Home Office Problems an Office Rental in Charlotte, NC Can Solve

Is your small business becoming too big for a home office? Then it might be time to upgrade your workspace. When Charlotte’s small businesses outgrow their home offices, an office rental at Office Evolution® Charlotte is often the next step. Switching to an office rental solves many of the problems that a home office creates, while opening up new opportunities for your business.

How Home Offices can Constrict Small Businesses

Home offices are an attractive and cost-effective way to start a small business in the Charlotte area. However, they do come with drawbacks. At a certain point, running a business from your home can impede growth or make growth impossible to sustain. Entrepreneurs report that home offices create obstacles to gaining new clients, scaling operations, access to resources, and optimizing productivity.

Small business owners in Charlotte, NC, can overcome these obstacles with the switch to an office rental. Below are five signs your home office is failing your business, plus how an office rental can help.

  1. You’ve Hit a Wall with Billable Hours. Do you need more revenue-generating hours in your workweek, but can’t find the time to add them? Distractions and small tasks may be to blame. An office rental can minimize both, opening up time for higher priority work.
  2. You Need to Upgrade Your Infrastructure. Your business has grown. Your home office hasn’t. You need a bigger space, more furniture, and better equipment. An office rental gives you the additional space you need, with furniture and key office infrastructure already in place.
  3. You’ve Lost Your Work-Life Balance. A poor balance between your personal and professional lives can impact both. If you work from a home office, it’s easy to disrupt that balance. To regain it, you may need a workspace away from home.
  4. Your Business Needs New Opportunities. More than a third of work-from-home entrepreneurs report trouble gaining new business. If this sounds familiar, you may need the professional image, additional resources, and networking opportunities created by an office rental.
  5. You Need a More Focus-Friendly Space. Distractions don’t just limit the number of hours you put in each workweek. They also impact your performance when you try to work through them. A private office rental gives you a focus-friendly space, free from family distractions.

Upgrading to an Office Rental in Charlotte, NC

If you operate a home-based business in Charlotte, NC, there’s nowhere better to make the leap to an office rental than at Office Evolution Charlotte. Our office rentals offer a number of key advantages over home offices, creating the ideal workspace for Charlotte’s entrepreneurial class.

  • Your own dedicated, fully-furnished office, with everything you need to hit the ground running.
  • Private, professionally designed office space gives you a focused, distraction-free workspace at any time of day.
  • Essential support for small businesses, including phone answering services, meeting room access, and professional mailing address
  • Network with Charlotte-area professionals in a thriving and innovative work environment.
  • A convenient location in Ballantyne, close to south Charlotte, Pineville, Weddington, Blakeney, Marvin, and Matthews, NC, as well as Fort Mill, Indian Trail, and Indian Land, SC.

Call 877-475-6300 today for more information on office rentals at Office Evolution Charlotte.