Look Bigger than You Are

When I was starting-up my first business, I was looking for an accountant to do my bookkeeping and taxes. I knew I wanted someone with an office close to me, so it would be convenient to meet with them. I also knew that I did not want a large CPA firm where I would be a small fish in a big pond. So I did a Google Maps search of the area for accountants, checked their websites to see how big they were, and narrowed it down to a few firms I was interested in. I first approached one that appeared to specialize in small businesses. They were only a few blocks away in a very nice office building. I introduced myself by email and told them what services I was looking for. We agreed to meet and discuss my needs further.

When I arrived at their offices, I went up to the 5th floor and was greeted by a receptionist, then escorted to a large boardroom-style conference room. The accountant came-in, and we talked for a while about my accounting needs. At the end of the meeting, I asked him about the office. It was very nice, but it was bigger than I thought it would be, given my perception of the size of his firm being just a few people. He indicated that this was a shared office space, that he just met new clients there, and he typically worked out of his home and worked virtually with his team.

I thought about this as I left the meeting. If he had listed his home address as his business address, I probably wouldn’t have found him in my search or considered him for my needs. By meeting me in a professional office in a prestigious location, he was able to make his firm look bigger and more professional than it would otherwise appear. Once I had established a business relationship with him, the location and his office were no longer issues in my consideration for who I would work with. He has been my accountant for 3 years now.

This is a key value proposition offered by Office Evolution Charlotte. You can have a prestigious address in University Research Park. Meet your prospects and clients in a Class A office building that is modern and well-appointed. You look bigger than you are, and you look professional. This makes it easier to get new clients, charge professional rates, and do business just like the big firms do. Whether you just need a business address, a phone answering plan, conference room space or a day office for meeting with prospects or clients, or a dedicated office for your day-to-day needs, we can provide them all. Making you look bigger than you are.