Member Spotlight: Steven Govan, 360 You Entertainment - DJ Groove

What kind of business is 360 You Entertainment – DJ Groove

I am mostly a wedding and corporate DJ. I focus on weddings, but I also do a number of corporate parties and events.

What does the job entail?

Some people look at DJing as a hobby, as something on the side to do. We are the professional side of DJing and the wedding industry. I probably do 30-35 weddings a year and 20-25 corporate events a year. It takes a lot of planning to do a wedding ceremony from pre-ceremony music, to ceremony music, to cocktail hour, to announcements, to crowd engagement, to assure that everyone has a great time in two people’s most important day of their life.

On the corporate level, you have to plan corporate functions for sponsors, advertisers, employees, parties.

We’re also expanding into talent management. We are working with up-and-coming artists to help them develop through branding, studio time, creating music, helping them build websites and get their music distributed. We also work with a screenwriter who writes plays and an upcoming sitcom to help her be professionally presented.

What Background do you have?

I’ve always loved music. My love for music started with the church. I had to find a way to use what I know to make a living from it. The first time someone asked me to do a wedding, I was nervous, of course, but I had a feeling that I was doing something right. I enjoyed making people happy. From that moment on, I started marketing myself as a wedding DJ, and the business took off. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do weddings in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania in some of the best venues around. It’s given me the opportunity to meet people, to travel, and to do something I love to do.

What business advice would you like to share?

The most important thing is customer service. It means everything. The client relationship means a lot. I’ve learned that every client isn’t just your client. You have to find clients who fit what you’re trying to do as a professional.

Another thing is you have to give your all no matter what you have to sacrifice. Whether you’re at work or you’re not at work, you still represent your business. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have a time clock where you punch in and punch out. Your time clock is running 24 hours a day. There’s always somebody looking and paying attention. I got one of my best corporate clients from doing a free cornhole tournament for autism. I didn’t know who was going to be in the audience that day, but it got me one of my best clients.

Listen to your client and try to oblige everything your client ask for—provide the best service you can. That’s the motto I live by.

Why did you decide to become a member at Office Evolution Charlotte?

Over the years, when meeting clients, I’d try to find a central area to meet with them. I’d find a Panera or a Starbucks. Over the years, people use these places as meeting places, and now they’re getting loud and congested and people don’t want you sitting there for an hour or two after buying a coffee or maybe a Danish.I knew I was on borrowed time in finding a place to meet and talk with clients. I knew at some point I’d need to find some office space. I love it here at Office Evolution, because it provides me a relaxed, quiet, and professional atmosphere for me to meet clients. I can’t tell you how many clients that walk through the door and say this is a beautiful office. This is the first point of contact that you have with a client, and that means a lot in selling the services. I believe if you display your services in a professional manner, it makes it that much easier for the client to say “yes,” and that much easier for you to not negotiate your price. They know your services are professional and they know they have to pay for professional service. That’s what I get from Office Evolution.