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Navigating New Postal Regulations: Understanding the Impact on CMRAs and the Revised Form 1583

In an era of ever-evolving regulations and heightened concerns about security, it’s crucial for businesses and individuals to stay up-to-date with changes that affect everyday operations. This holds especially true for Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRAs) like Office Evolution. We’re here to inform you about recent postal regulations that have implications for CMRAs and, more importantly, to assure you that the changes are designed to enhance the security of your mail and minimize the risk of fraud.

When you joined Office Evolution as a valued client, you likely filled out a PS Form 1583, granting us permission to accept mail on your behalf. This form, issued by the Postal Service, has recently undergone an update, and it’s imperative that we have you complete the new version to remain in compliance.

Why the Change Matters

The update in postal regulations is centered on improving the overall security of your mail. With identity theft and mail fraud on the rise, ensuring that your confidential correspondence remains secure has never been more crucial. By updating the PS Form 1583, the Postal Service is taking significant steps to strengthen the safeguards in place.  What’s more, making sure that we have the most current address and identification from you prevents delays in receiving your mail.

The Process Simplified

While we understand that regulatory changes can sometimes seem daunting, we want to emphasize that this process is designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. At Office Evolution, we’re here to guide you through the steps, ensuring a seamless transition. Here’s what you can expect:

Verification of Current Information: Our friendly staff members, Katie, Jon, or others, will review the information we have on file. If any details need updating, we’ll assist you in making the necessary corrections.

Copy of Your IDs: To meet the new requirements, we will need copies of two forms of identification. One of these should be a picture ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or permanent resident card. The second ID can be a voter ID card, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, or lease. Importantly, one of these IDs must show your current residential address.

Witnessing Your Signature: We will be here to witness your signature on the updated form, ensuring that all requirements are met.  If you can’t make it to the office to sign the new form, let us know.  We’ll send you the updated form for you to sign in front of a notary.  Be sure to send it back once you do.

What Happens Next

Once the form is complete, we will take care of the rest. We’ll upload the original PS Form 1583 to the Postal Service’s CMRA Customer Registration Database when it is ready, ensuring full compliance with the new regulations. We will also retain a copy of the completed, signed form for our records, ensuring that you are fully protected.


As regulations evolve, so do the methods of securing your mail and personal information. The updates to PS Form 1583 reflect a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security in the mail handling process. We’re here to assist you throughout this transition, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or stop by the front desk at your earliest convenience to begin the process. Your security is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your peace of mind. Thank you for your continued trust in Office Evolution, and we look forward to assisting you with this important update.