OE Clayton Profile: Freddie Johnston with Holmes Murphy & Associates

Please share a bit about you. Are you a dreamer, risk-taker or doer? 

I would consider myself a doer, but a doer with vision. I am hired to solve problems for my clients, but in order to stay relevant, I must always be thinking about future solutions and resources for them.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would enjoy hearing about your business.

I am with Holmes Murphy & Associates, which is a commercial insurance brokerage firm.  I am unique in that I am positioned with two other business partners in a “sub pod specialization,“ purely focused on the Petroleum Wholesale and Convenience Store Industry.  Our territory is the entire United States, from Hawaii to New York and everywhere between. We do everything from compliance and regulatory issues to insurance and risk management.

Many of our readers may be able to use your product/service. Would you please describe your ideal customer/client.  

Our ideal client owns C-stores, or works in fuel transportation or distribution, lubricant sales, or the liquid petroleum field. They are privately held, typically family-perpetuating organizations.

Would you share some top tips for success with our readers?  

Have a plan everyday… but be flexible enough to roll with the punches!

How has Office Evolution helped your business? 

I love the flexibility and freedom that OE offers me in my business. I keep some weird hours with my travel, and I know I can always come in and get things accomplished to be ready for my next meeting or trip out. I have always appreciated how accommodating the entire team at OE has been for me! It was really important during COVID as my business had never been crazier and office time was paramount for calls and zoom meetings.

Who would you nominate as the next “OE Dreamer, Risk-taker, or Doer”? 

Would have to give that one some thought…