4 Ways You Can Get Through Your To-Do List!

As 2015 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to tackle your “to do” lists, and finish the year productively. Below we’ve compiled a list of four ways to become a more productive individual.


Prioritize Your List. By putting your everyday items into a list sorted by priority, you are already sectioning off your day. Consider each of your tasks, and sort them based on their priority. What will end up happening when you use this strategy to sort your list, is the more urgent items are taken care of earlier in the day, and the less urgent items more to the end of the list. Another tip would be to label your items based on a color scheme. Red items get completed before green or blue items and so forth. Whichever way works best for your day, list size, and daily goals. Remember, don’t get sucked into focusing solely on things that can get completed quickly!


Use Your Calendar. When you start your day, a great first step to tackling the daily demand, is to check your calendar. Once you have finished prioritizing your to do list, start putting those items on your calendar as reminders to not only start working on the tasks, but give you a “time limit” on the item. By putting your tasks into your calendar, you will be able to prioritize your day based on what is on your plate. First you plan your list, next you input that information into your calendar along with any other commitments you may have for the day. This helps you learn how much you can accomplish in an average work day. Remember to balance your calendar with items from your “to do” list, along with everyday business commitments.


Don’t Over Fill Your Schedule. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day. Avoid burnout from working too hard, and cutting corners to meet your goals. Be proactive about your time, and realistic about how much time each item in your calendar will take to complete. Balance is key!


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