How to Achieve Work Productivity

Whether your business is a startup or large corporation, you need to get things done, despite all the challenges and distractions in the world today. Certainly, we’ve all heard the excuses of those who can’t or won’t perform. We’ve heard the repeated demands on our time.

 Here is what you need to do:

  1.            Focus on completion rather than blind adherence to a defined work process. Processes should be guidelines to achieve a result; they shouldn’t just be a compliance road map. People who look for process innovations, to achieve the desired results in the quickest possible time frame, get more done. The maximum value should be on getting things done, where no process has yet been defined.
  2.            Know how to read people and navigate organizational hierarchies. Working effectively with other people is the only way to get more done than any one person can accomplish. The same is true of working outside your organization, with the outside powers-that-be. Being able to work with politicians without becoming one is a trait I especially prize.
  3.            Make non-threatening decisions with humility and patience. Highly emotional reactions and outbursts are rarely productive in business environments. Instead, calm and resolute determination generates support for the task at hand, rather than distracting from it. People who get things done should be aggressive but not confrontational.
  4.            Capitalize on a powerful position title without using it as a stick. Effective leaders get more done by using their power position to ask for help, rather than assigning people to tasks. They know that listening and rewarding can often be more persuasive than giving orders with penalties for non-compliance.
  5.            Build a reservoir of goodwill without asking for anything in return. Good business and good working relationships must always be seen as unconditional, meaning not motivated by an expectation of future payback. The result will be people and organizations wanting to help you, rather than feeling an obligation to contribute.
  6.            Act within the existing culture, while working to improve it. New challenges should be seen as an incentive to be more creative, rather than an excuse to fail or pick a fight. People who get things done lead change by example, positively showing a better way within the culture. Culture change becomes voluntary, not forced.
  7.            Display ‘street smarts’ and real domain experience. These are the people who can quickly provide examples of how they were personally able to overcome unusual challenges and achieve results. They also are proud to relate their experience in helping other people on their team overcome hurdles and achieve common objectives.
  8.   Find the right office solution for you. In order to work productively, you need to understand what type of environment works best for you. Do you need silence, ambient noise, or people to bounce ideas off of? One of the benefits of working with Office Evolution is we provide top of the line business services to fit your needs. With private executive suites and several virtual office solutions, our job is to give you the right space to be productive.


Overall, one of the best and most visible attributes of people who get the hard work done is that they love to be challenged, get their satisfaction from resolving problems and getting results, as well as knowing what type of work environment they need to be successful. Contact us today to set up a tour at our Dublin or Easton, Ohio locations.

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