It May Be Time to Get an Office

We’re increasingly living in the era of the “solopreneur,” independent workers managing their own careers and office environments. Today, a flexible work location is often more important than an impressive, personalized office. That’s why more workers and small companies are turning to coworking spaces — where individuals or small teams rent desks or offices in a shared workplace.

The environment of work is changing.

And as real estate prices in major cities continue to rise, business owners, especially startups, are seeking ways to liberate themselves from legacy financial burdens, like a commercial lease.

Renting office space used to mean a business owner needed good credit, and the capital to rent and furnish a longtime lease.  They’d also have to predict what their growth would look like over that time. Now, anyone with a credit card can rent desk space and access conference rooms on the same day.”

Cost savings to business owners extend beyond that of a lease, of course. Who wouldn’t love the perks of free coffee, tea, fruit, beer, and food offered by many co-work spaces? But all sorts of overhead costs decrease, benefiting the bottom line.

Coworking spaces eliminate many of the one-off or set-up costs like phone lines, broadband, and, in some cases, a receptionist. Using shared services, allow you to bundle these costs within the overall co-working fee.

Still other perks provide access to professional and educational services for accounting basics and HR. But most business owners who use coworking spaces praise the economic advantages they realize by being in an environment with other, like-minded people.

“I think there is an opportunity cost of working from home,” says Amanda Aguirre Allen, whose law firm operates out of a cowork space. “When you are out of sight, you are out of mind. It is important to build a network and community, and co-working allows you to do that while maintaining the independence of entrepreneurship.”

And with 35 percent of the US labor force classified as independent workers, a number expected to rise to 40 percent by 2020, shared workspace will continue to evolve. Already, coworking spaces are increasing their value proposition by offering niche services like recording studios, green screens, and 3D printers. And shared creative and hardware labs are making it increasingly easy for small businesses to offset risk and, possibly, throw away their office leases forever.

Office Evolution Columbus

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