Networking Tips For The New Entrepreneur

Networking Tips For The New Entrepreneur:

Networking events are vital to the new entrepreneur. They offer immense opportunities to grow your business, build a contact list, and meet potential clients. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you successfully network your business.

Arrive Early: Not only does this establish a good image, it allows you time to scope the venue out. When you arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to a networking event, you are strategically giving yourself the advantage. You will be able to engage with people as they arrive, as well as have the opportunity to dispose of your nerves before any of the other professionals arrive.

Prepare Before the Event: Being prepared to discuss your business to other professionals goes a long way at a networking event. The goal is to meet other people, and connect over your brand. Preparing a quick pitch about what you do is crucial to being successful at these types of events. Also in the preparation category, plan what you are going to wear a day or two before the event. You don’t want to be frantically searching through your closet during the eleventh hour.  This scenario just causes an extra layer of stress. If you plan out what you will say and wear ahead of time, you won’t be preoccupied during the event.

Listen Carefully to People: It might seem crazy to mention this, but you would be surprised at how often people don’t listen closely to the person who is speaking. Since you are at a networking event, you are representing your business. Focus on where your eyes are wandering, because they shouldn’t be. It’s so easy to half listen to the person you are talking to. Be prepared for a boisterous environment, and stay engaged with the person who is speaking. By staying on top of your focus level, you can add your own thoughts to the conversation.

Networking is a Skill: Being skillful in networking takes practice, believe it or not! Your first event might go well, but the more you go, the more people you talk to, the more your business will grow.  Try to attend as many networking events as possible! The effects will be, and are not limited to, expanding your professional contacts, getting the word out about your business, and you might have a little fun as well!

What’s the best piece of advice when going to a networking event? Take plenty of up to date business cards with a physical business address.  Don’t have one?  Come see us at Office Evolution.

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