The Importance of a Professional Image

The image we portray sends an important message to our clients, as well as influences how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, as solopreneurs, we too need to consider our professional image for success.

Some solopreneurs do not place too much importance on dressing up for work, particularly when many work from home offices. In my view, however, there are many reasons why solopreneurs should have consideration for their professional image.

Image is created by a lot of different ingredients acting together. Physical appearance, dress, voice, manner, work environment, the views you express or the fact you don’t express any and the way you react to the people around you. These impressions are made instantly.

Images are so powerful because, however little you may like it, they do say something true about your personality. It’s no accident that you dress, talk and behave the way you do.

I’ve often read that it helps to have a separate work place in your home, a dedicated office phone line – well it’s the same with your personal brand and professional image. To be making calls, sending emails and acting in a professional way to run your business.

If you are going out to meet a client, dress appropriately for the occasion and be sure to meet in a professional work environment.  Starbucks or Panera may be easy and convenient for you, but how will your client feel?  Will you be able to address confidential matters?  Will you be able to maintain focus if the coffee shop is too loud?  After all, you’re there to win the client’s business and that won’t happen if you don’t offer an adequate environment consistent with the professional image you are aiming to project to instill the necessary confidence to buy your services/products.

Think about what they’re looking for. If you’re in finance, law, accounting, IT or another professional service, they want you to look like a credible, successful business person.  You are part of the package that you’re presenting to the client. People shouldn’t judge us by our outward appearances and where we conduct business, but of course they do.

Office Evolution Columbus can help with your professional image.

If you are working out of your home, you don’t have an official address that you can use. You will likely be limited to a P.O. Box, or will have to use your home mailing address for correspondence. This is certainly less than ideal for both you and clients. With Office Evolution Columbus, you get a mailing address that you can use to give you a more professional look.  When you have an office listed on your business cards or contact information, it helps you to appear more professional. Your credibility increases when you demonstrate that you take your business seriously, and others are more likely to take you seriously, too. 

You also can enjoy a call answering service, which frees up your time and helps you spend less time trying to manage calls. Calls will be screened, so you won’t have to worry about wasting minutes on your phone every time that it rings.  Customers will feel confident when they contact you on a business line, or when you can meet with them in a professional setting. Ditch the coffee shop meetings with potential clients, and utilize a conference room or office space for an hour, a morning or a day, where you can truly feel confident about your business.

Office Evolution Columbus’s packages are all inclusive, and ready to go day one. Office Evolution Columbus knows success, is ready to give your business a professional presence. We help dozens of solopreneurs like you find office solutions to fit their needs. Our plans are all inclusive and fully equipped starting on your first day. With executive style offices, and several virtual office solutions, our facilities are designed to support your needs.  Office Evolution Columbus focuses on the needs of your business, so you can target success.

I think your appearance does label you, therefore it is important to get the right label!

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