Managing Work and Personal Life During the Quarantine

At the start of the quarantine, there was a large increase in the workforce staying home for the first time in their careers. People loved the option of working in their pajamas, not having to deal with their tiresome commute, and being able to spend more time with their loved ones. However, as time passed people discovered the challenges of working from home. How do I remain productive with all of the distractions in my home life? Where do I find a quiet place in the house to take a zoom call without my kids/pets in the background? These questions led people to search for shared workspace in their area that would provide a quiet place to work without distractions.

With school starting virtually this year, another set of challenges from the work from home crowd arises. Being able to manage work and personal life was challenging enough before quarantine. Now, it has become more difficult to navigate when those two aspects of life are intertwined. There is no easy solution for how to manage work and personal life during this time. However, here are some tips to help with this “new normal”.

1. Create a schedule. Set a schedule that mirrors how you would work if you went into the office. Sometimes the most difficult part about working from home is that your routine is thrown off. If you used to stop at Starbucks before work every day, make it a habit to continue getting your favorite latte. If you went to the gym right after work, grab your workout gear and head over once you’re done with the day. Once these routines become habits it will allow you to become comfortable with your work schedule and you will be able to breathe easier.

2. Remember you’re not in this alone. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with our hectic schedules and work life. Trying to manage meetings, our kids virtual school, and social life can be difficult. It almost feels like you have no time or energy to complete everything that needs to be accomplished. Take a deep breath. Remember, most of the WORLD is experiencing the same problems you are having in your life. These times are unprecedented and challenging for all of us. Talking about your issues with others is beneficial because we are all experiencing similar problems in our lives. Sometimes just knowing you’re not in this alone is a great relief.

3. Look for alternative places to get work done. Are there too many distractions around the house to get through your task list? Is it a struggle to find motivation to work because you’re in your home? These issues are popping up currently all around the country for workers who have the challenge of working from home. Working out of the office can be difficult for some people, while others thrive. If you are one of those people who struggle without a designated office then look for places to work outside of your house. If your library is open, find a quiet cubby to work in for the day. Many people are looking into office space and co-working space around them for a temporary fix. These locations are great alternatives for workers to conduct meetings and get work done if they cannot go into their office.

While these tips are not the end all be all, hopefully they can help you balance your work and personal life. These are trying times for everyone. Understand that your issues matter. Remember, there is no problem too big in life that cannot be solved by a great attitude, support from others, and hard work.







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