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Improve Your Remote & Hybrid Work Life This Summer With These Tips

As remote and hybrid work arrangements continue to gain momentum, professionals are adjusting to new methods of balancing their work and personal lives. As summer approaches, it presents an ideal opportunity to enhance your experience with remote or hybrid work.

Shared Office Spaces such as Office Evolution often experience a slowdown in activity. This quieter period provides an excellent chance to forge new connections and delve deeper into your business. Monthly membership plans offered by most coworking spaces, such as Office Evolution, can be tailored, adjusted, or put on hold according to your evolving needs and schedule.

Here are 7 tips to enrich your remote and hybrid work life this summer:

  1. Create a Dedicated Workspace

Escape the distractions of a bustling household during summer break by setting up a dedicated workspace. Having a separate area outside your home and family, such as a shared workspace, a dedicated desk, or a monthly-rented private office, can enhance productivity and establish a healthy work-life balance during the summer season.

  1. Design Your Own Schedule

One of the advantages of remote and hybrid work is the flexibility it offers in managing your schedule. During the summer, when schedules tend to fluctuate, you have the freedom to adapt. Since the sun rises earlier, you can wake up earlier, finish work earlier, then enjoy the extended afternoon sunlight once you’ve shut down your computer.

  1.  Venture into the Outdoors

Plan to work in a public setting at least once a week. Whether it’s a café, a park bench, or a shared office space, working outdoors allows you to soak up some vitamin D, which can enhance your happiness and overall well-being. Consider scheduling a meeting at a coworking space or your favorite lunch spot to break the monotony of working from home.

  1. Make New Connections

The summer lull in coworking spaces presents an opportune time to establish new connections or reconnect with old ones. Take the initiative to greet new individuals since your regular coworking companions may be absent during this season. These positive one-on-one interactions contribute to building stronger coworking communities.

  1. Prioritize Physical Activity

Due to the flexible nature of remote work, you can take advantage of breaks by incorporating physical activity throughout your day. Whether it’s a 10-minute run around the neighborhood for some fresh air or a quick stretch after prolonged periods of sitting, even a brief outdoor stroll can improve your mental health, uplift your mood, and boost productivity.

  1. Travel While Working

Remote work enables you to turn work into a vacation experience. You can work during the day and explore your surroundings at night. With Office Evolution, you have access to coworking spaces across the United States, allowing you to change your location and tap into new sources of creativity and overall happiness. Moreover, a different coworking space can provide opportunities to network with a fresh group of individuals.

  1. Optimize Technology and Communication

Efficient communication and reliable technology are crucial for successful remote and hybrid work. Office Evolution offers high-speed internet, ensuring you never miss an email or meeting. Additionally, select locations to provide phone booths and dedicated call areas, enabling effective communication with colleagues who are not physically present in a quiet environment.


Do not let work get in the way of your summer; instead, use the summer to help advance your career! You only need to follow a few simple tips to help increase your mental health, productivity, and mood. Use remote/ hybrid work to your advantage at Office Evolution.