Meet our new member: Chris Powe of Global Training Institute (GTI)

Chris Powe, PhD is not your typical educator. While Chris holds a doctorate in Clinical Health Science (Trauma and Critical Care), he is not exactly the kind of guy you’d expect in a university classroom. You’re just as likely to find him in his Air National Guard uniform as a business suit.

In fact, it is challenging to determine exactly which box to try to put him in! Chris is a health care educator. He is an entrepreneur, He is a marketing and business development pro. And he’s an 18-year veteran as well. Oh, did we not mention that he is Lieutenant Colonel Chris Powe?!

92027014_10221592463386183_6175913859249864704_nChris wears a lot of hats at Global Training Institute (GTI). He’s been teaching for 25 years and after a deployment following 9/11, recognized that our men and women in uniform needed additional training to support them in the field.

Military medics don’t get do-overs. They don’t get second chances. They have to have the expertise and skills necessary to save lives on the battlefield. Chris and his colleagues deliver just the training that is needed. From splinting fractures, to administering IVs and blood, to emergency intubation and ventilator management, GTI trains our military on all of these procedures and many more.

While much of this training is hands on – GTI can travel to the units needing training or they can travel to GTI – much of it can be done leveraging technology. Chris and his team use video and online training to help folks all around the U.S. In fact, they have had clients to-date in 48 states and are looking to add to their client base by adding Washington State and Hawaii.

But military clients are not their only customers. GTI also trains civilians like nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and even physicians. While their traditional education equips them do a great job with day-to-day patient care, GTI supplements that training with instruction in trauma and emergency procedures, very similar to those they teach to our military.

When asked what else he does, Chris explained that he also provides marketing and business development support, working with Washington, DC decision makers who are responsible for training their teams. Chris also works to engage and recruit combat veterans to join them in their work as members on the GTI team.

Chris balances all of this with his family. He has been married for 23 years and he and his wife have three children (17, 19 and 21). He has a passion for hunting and fishing and his well known as a jokester with a unique sense of humor. Though he’s seen many countries in the world, Chris grew up about an hour south of GTI is now based, in McComb, Mississippi.

Chris says that entrepreneurs should stay focused on two things – longevity and determination – and0-3 that they go hand in hand. Nothing happens overnight and so entrepreneurs needs to be in it for the long haul. They need to stay determined and focused but also be willing to pivot and adjust to maintain their and achieve their goals.

Chris loves his new office at Office Evolution of Flowood-Jackson for several reasons: The first, he says is location. Since they have national clients, it’s important to be located near the airport. And Office Evolution is just five minutes from the Jackson Airport! He also believes that the nearby Refuge Conference Center and Sheraton Hotel will be a great place for their out of town clients to stay when working on-site with GTI. Add to that, the nearby Dogwood dining options and Chris calls this area the epicenter of metro Jackson growth!

We asked Chris how Office Evolution (OE) benefits his business and he immediately jumped to the economics. He said that instead of investing their money in a long-term lease, that they can get significant savings with OE and invest their savings into marketing and business growth immediately. Chris added that the local OE team, including Business Center Manager Adam Horlock, have shown a real customer-centric approach to business and a commitment to their customers’ satisfaction and success.  

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