Boardroom Rental in Fort Collins: 5 Things You Need

In Fort Collins CO, boardroom rentals are a popular way for small businesses and freelancers to meet up with clients. Even if you can’t afford your own dedicated conference room, you still need access to professional meeting space. Modern conference room rentals fulfill that need, giving an affordable option for meeting space to work-from-home professionals, coworking space members, and small businesses.

At Office Evolution® Fort Collins, we know that renting a boardroom for the first time can leave you unsure of what you need from a meeting room rental. While meeting space needs will vary from business to business, here are five key qualities that anyone renting a meeting room should look for.

Desirable Qualities in a Boardroom Rental

  1. Ease of Access. Nobody wants to spend more time commuting for a meeting than they need to. So when you’re looking for a meeting space in the Fort Collins area, it’s important that you choose a location that’s easy to find and easy to access, with plenty of parking for meeting attendees.
  2. Professional Image. Anytime you’re meeting clients or investors, the space you choose will have an impact on the way they view you and your business. A conference room rental should be clean, attractive, and well-lit. It should also project a professional image that’s in keeping with the character of your business.
  3. Size and Layout. Design choices in a meeting space can impact collaboration, communication, and productivity, so it’s important that you choose a space designed for your conferencing needs. Some meeting rooms are more appropriate for smaller, personal meetings, while others are designed for large groups and training sessions.
  4. Onsite Services and Support. Onsite services vary widely between different meeting space rental locations. In some spaces, you’ll need to greet your own guests and could find yourself high and dry if you run into problems. Other locations offer onsite reception, support staff to assist with any issues that crop up, and a range of additional amenities.
  5. Meeting Equipment. If you need equipment for your meeting, you’ll need to check to make sure it’s available at your location. Not only that, but you’ll also want to make sure that equipment functions the way you expect. You don’t want to find out mid-meeting that the screen you need isn’t compatible with your laptop, or that onsite internet access is strictly limited.

Boardroom Rentals at Office Evolution Fort Collins

The above qualities are always important when you’re renting a professional meeting space. That’s why we designed the boardrooms at Office Evolution® Fort Collins to excel in each of these areas.

Located in south Fort Collins, one mile west of I-25, we offer five different meeting rooms for rent, in a range of sizes and styles. All of our meeting rooms are fully furnished, fully equipped, and professionally designed. Rentals come with onsite support, staffed reception to greet your guests, complimentary Wi-Fi, free beverages, and a range of other amenities.

Our boardrooms are relied on by countless small businesses and independent professionals in Fort Collins, and they’re the perfect place to meet up with clients in our area if you’re based out of Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, or Cheyenne, WY.

Call 970-212-3300 today for further information on boardroom rentals at Office Evolution® Fort Collins.

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