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An Interview with Ken Tylor of 24/7 Help Desk

Technology pros are an admired bunch – often because IT problems can be extremely confusing. But with the assistance of 24/7 Help Desk, clients can focus on what really matters: their business.

We sat down to talk with Ken Tyler from 24/7 Help Desk about business and his experience with Office Evolution. Ken is a member at the Office Evolution Greenwood Village location, and loves the all-inclusive environment, with phone answering and meeting rooms, as well as his office.

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About 24/7 Help Desk

My name is Ken Tyler and I’m with 24/7 Help Desk. We are IT solution architects and we provide IT solutions for small, medium, to large sized businesses and corporations. Some of those services are SAP CRM as well as salesforce. We do local area networking and desktop support as well as custom applications and we do web design and internet solutions.

What Drove You to Entrepreneurship?

Since we wanted to pull ourselves away from the corporate mainstream and do something on our own, I think by bringing both all of our talents together in a way and we have a mission statement. We’re going to be lean, mean, and clean. Just more efficient. I think we started out with a vision to compete. Whenever you start out on the block as the little guy, you always have to do things quicker, more efficient, and just better.

What makes you different from the competition?

I think what sets us apart is that we are able to offer a full spectrum of IT solutions. We’re very experienced in all of them. Often times I think companies may try to diversify so much, and they are talented in all. We have only included in the solutions that we provide our clients that we are really good in. Often times, whenever we fill one spot for our clients, they often have another need which we can fill, just because of the fact that we have a diversified method of offering IT solutions.

Industry Changes

Perhaps one of the big things is security. With security, of course that protects a client’s most important investment. You are vulnerable when you’re on the internet, your e-mail, your actual content. I was able to talk to one internet service provider who actually clued us in on some of the latest hacks to where if the client is not careful about searching their own website, what ends up happening is that hackers are able to get into their website that’s rarely visited by the client and redirect it to other sites. So you may have a customer that may want to go to your website for a particular thing, and they are redirected to something else. That’s one of the latest types of things that’s going on that clients need to be aware of. So security is a very big thing now.

Future of 24/7 Help Desk

We’re including more and more consultants and we’re getting more and more work just through networking and marketing ourselves. We see things moving along. We’re getting bigger and targeting small to medium sized businesses as well as the larger businesses. We’ve done work with Bentley Systems, computer associates, we did the ’96 Olympics. We did some pretty high profile work with the federal government, as well as some local work with local businesses. We were even able to do some business with some of the members of Office Evolution. So just having the right tools is very important for your business to grow. If you’re going to grow, you’ll have to have a good presentation to grow, and I think Office Evolution gives us those tools to be able to do that.

Biggest Success Story

I would say that we have good experience with individuals in the engineering field. We were able to provide a service for the ’96 Olympics doing some engineering for some of their layout of their facilities. Because of that, we were also able to acquire other IT work as well because we were proficient in doing that. We were able to provide a local area networking as well as a wide area networking for their different games. That’s just one example I think of having the ability and diversified talents in a certain area, and providing that to our clients so that they could keep more of their services with one provider, versus diversifying out and farming out different things. They were pleased with one facet of our work, we had the ability to do more and we provided that service.

Business Tips

Business Tip #1 – Have Good Communication

Number one, good communication. Being able to first of all, have good lines of communication open, being personable, making sure that you solidify what the client’s needs are.

Business Tip #2 – Deliver Ahead of Time

Then two, always trying to deliver a bit ahead of time. There’s always going to be revisions and obstacles in the way. So to time out your projects in a way that you’re ahead of time. Even if you give your project extra padding, it’s always good to deliver before, because you make that client feel like, “Man, we’re on time.”

Business Tip #3 – Be Accessible

The third one is just being accessible to your clients. I think those are some of the important things.

What led you to Office Evolution?

Office Evolution, I’d noticed them for a while before I actually became a member. I kind of watched them from a distance at some of their locations. I was able to see how they operated. Took a look at some of their different locations, and I noticed their locations were strategically placed in some pretty high profile, high traffic places, versus some other office buildings where they’re kind of tucked away. Being visible was very important for our clients to get to and off of major intersections and highways.

Benefits of Office Evolution

The professional setting, the ability to get clients to some strategic places, the one located downtown. For some of my clients on the North side of the city, it was easy to get to. Also, the different features. To have meeting rooms, conference rooms, as well as your office and common areas, all in one place. You have a pretty good environment to do just about whatever you want. I think that helped a lot. We never had to seek out additional services or additional meeting rooms outside of Office Evolution. Office Evolution has provided the whole solution for us. I think that was a great asset and environment to do business and, from that, to grow.

For more information about Ken and 24/7 Help Desk, email him at [email protected]

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