Coworking and Virtual Office Space Generates Growth for Small Businesses

Coworking & Virtual Office Space take Business From Collaboration to Flexibility

“I have one thing to say to all of those Office Evolution users out there,” said one Virtual Office client, in an interview with the Business Center Manager of the Denver Tech Center Office Evolution location. Directing his attention to his imagined audience of fellow virtual clients, he offered, “Say hello to the people around you in the drop-in space!” The reasoning behind this pointed comment began to take shape, as he later divulged that he had gained approximately three new clients in the last month, making the most of his time in Office Evolution’s coworking space by simply being intentional about engaging every single small business owner around him. “The whole thing is basically like one giant leads group.”

Collaboration and networking in these rapidly flourishing spaces are only the beginning of many other helpful facets created by Virtual Offices. Coworking space and virtual office users within Office Evolution are able to meet their clients in professional meeting rooms at ten different locations in Colorado, spread out all over the Metro Area, and in an ever-increasing number of locations in other states as well. They also have limitless, 24/7 access to a business lounge at every location, reserved only for members, which offers them Wi-Fi access, networking opportunities, unlimited beverages, and the freedom to separate their workspace from their living space. Their clients are greeted and welcomed by a full-time professional receptionist at the front desk and are made comfortable in a conference room or day office for the meeting. The valuable time of these entrepreneurs is uninterrupted by solicitors, since the call center answers all of their calls live and presents as their personal assistants. Their confidence (and personal safety) flourishes and their company wins the trust of clients, as their business cards replace their home address with their professional address. Their budgets thank them too, as the cost of their virtual office membership cuts the cost of a traditional office by three quarters, leaving more capital to reinvest into their dream.

There are so many benefits to the collaboration and services fostered in these spaces that coworking and virtual office memberships are not only growing, but they’re taking over traditional workspaces at a surprising rate. Besides the fact that entrepreneurs are eating up the benefits previously mentioned, another of many complex reasons for this growing shift to virtual offices is simply a change in the workforce. Adriana Lopez, a writer with Forbes, cites a figure from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which states that, by the year 2020, approximately “65 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors and solopreneurs” — constituting about 40% of the workforce. Virtual offices and coworking spaces are sprouting up at an equally surprising rate to match the demand for more flexible, cost-effective workspace.

Office Evolution at the Denver Tech Center is one such coworking space meeting this rising demand with various virtual office solutions. They offer all of the services mentioned above and so much more – all with a friendly, professional attitude (that never takes itself too seriously). If you’re hopping on the Virtual Office trend, Office Evolution at the Denver Tech Center offers the space and services you’re looking for.