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Member Spotlight: Modern Medicis

An Interview with Anne Breeden, founder of Modern Medicis

Anne Breeden is an Office Evolution member at our Denver Tech Center location.

Anne’s business, Modern Medicis, provides piano lessons to individuals of all skills and ages. You can find her giving professionals their first ever lesson on their lunchbreaks as well as teaching at Metro State.

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Meet Anne and Modern Medicis

Hi, my name is Anne Breeden and I am the founder of Modern Medicis. What Modern Medicis does is teach adult piano students from the very beginning to very advanced.

I am a classical pianist and I have a master from Eastern School of music in New York. I am on faculty at metro state university and I do a lot of performing all over the state. I also teach, I’ve taught since 2003 private piano instruction. I have a lot of experience teaching kids and my area of expertise though is adults. And that is why I have started Modern Medicis here at Office Evolution.

The Modern Medicis Difference:

There are some piano teachers, again, I think we talked a little about this before, that really don’t have the tools to teach adults. Children are very different in how they are taught. For adults, there is a very big difference between a 21 year old who has never taken piano and a 75 year old who has taken 25 years of lessons. I’d like to think that I really have the expertise to meet everyone where they are, be they a total beginner or very advanced. 

The location can’t be beat here in the Tech Center. Some of my students even walk from their work and offices over here to take a midday piano lessons. So I like to make scheduling easy. When you go home you’re tired, you have your kids to cart around to piano lessons or violin lessons. You have dinner to have, hang out with friends. Why not take a short break, half hour during your lunch break, and come on over and have a piano lesson?

How will your business change in the future?

What I would like to do with Modern Medicis is eventually start a music school for adults only. I would of course have a guitar of teachers specializing in adult education, flute, violin, whatever. Even maybe a Japanese drumming class. Classes in theory, in the Renaissance, etc. etc. And those classes could be I think done online. That would be a very interesting opportunity.

The History of Medicis:

I had the idea of Modern Medicis. For a number of years I started and ran a nonprofit in Chicago and I had the idea for Modern Medicis. So I guess it was about 8 years and finally it’s coming to fruition, as of 6 months ago. 

Best Business Tips:

Business Tip #1: Give Great Customer Service

Number one tip, maybe the only one, is give good customer service. Each customer has to know that they are the center of your world for the time that you are with them, and maybe even beyond. And that is really going to give you a great business I think.

Business tip #2: The Customer is Always Right

The customer is always right. Even when you know they’re not, they are. And just let them know that they are. Make sure that you treat each person as an individual, not one of your flock or one of the customers. They are THE customer, the moment you are working with them. I think that’s really important.

Experience with Office Evolution:

Office Evolution has a very, compared to the schools I’ve taught, it’s very professional. Musicians are not always terrible put together and professional. But the front desk walking in and the waiting area really gives me a sense of confidence that my clients are going to be comfortable. I love the location. My husband actually works a mile south from the tech center and his two bosses are actually taking lessons with me. So one of them likes to ride his bike over during lunch. The location is the right type of person that I want to target: people who are maybe stuck in their offices all day and need a break and don’t know how to really get out… This is it, this is how you get out.

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