Telephone Answering Services in Greenwood Village: 5 Key Facts

As a small business owner in Greenwood Village, CO, you already juggle enough responsibilities. You don’t have time for juggling phone calls too. But that’s exactly what you’re forced to do without a dedicated receptionist or some form of telephone answering service. When the volume of calls starts to interfere with your productivity, it’s time to start looking for solutions.

Right now, a popular option for entrepreneurs in Greenwood Village is live telephone answering services. These services cost a tiny fraction of the amount you’d need to spend on a part-time or full-time receptionist. Crucially, they also ensure that your customers/clients are greeted by a live receptionist, not an automated system.

The use of live agents sets these services apart from another popular option: virtual receptionists. Virtual reception services are the least expensive option for telephone reception, using automated answering systems to cut costs. Recent studies of consumer preferences, however, have shown that these systems are a lot less popular with customers than many small business owners expect.

Live Telephone Answering Services Make a Difference

A number of studies have been performed in recent years contrasting virtual receptions with live telephone answering services, like those offered by Office Evolution® Greenwood Village (Denver Tech Center). These studies revealed what many of us already know: few customers likes being greeted by a robot instead of an actual person.

But researchers have been surprised by just how much people dislike automated answering systems. As the following five stats demonstrate, virtual reception systems are deeply unpopular with modern consumers.

  1. Only 10% of Customers Rate Virtual Answering Systems Positively. Research by HuffPost in 2016 found that only 10% of all interactions with virtual answering services resulted in a positive customer experience.
  2. Nearly 50% of All Customers Expect Live Phone Agents. According to research performed in 2013 by AchieveGlobal, 47% of all consumers consider a phone interaction a negative experience if they don’t speak with a real person.
  3. 90% of Customers Say They Prefer Live Receptionists.Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of people said they prefer live receptions to virtual ones when asked by HuffPost. Only 3% reported a preference for automated answering systems.
  4. Wait Times Are More Than Twice As Long on Automated Systems. While some virtual reception services claim to be more efficient, research has shown that customer wait times are 218% as long when callers get an automated system compared to a live agent.
  5. Reception Services Can Save You 100 Hours Each Year.At Office Evolution® Greenwood Village (Denver Tech Center), live reception services save two hours a week for the average client. That’s eight hours a month and a hundred hours of added productivity each year.

Telephone Reception Services in Greenwood Village, CO

Small business owners who live or work near the Denver Tech Center have the perfect option for telephone answering services thanks to Office Evolution Greenwood Village (Denver Tech Center).

We offer a number of key advantages over other telephone answering companies. These advantage include voicemail-to-email functionality, discounts on local office space, and a dedicated local phone number in Greenwood Village for your business. Our telephone answering service plans include a range of options for businesses and professionals in Greenwood Village, making it easy to find the perfect plan for your needs.

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