Not All Virtual Receptionists Are Equal

In the past, a virtual receptionist was little more than a phone service. In the early days, it was basically an automated phone system, albeit a clever arrangement, but still an answering service all the same. The main purpose was to answer your calls, take messages and route callers, or their messages, to you wherever you happened to be. This allowed you to work from anywhere with the reassurance that you would never miss a call. That was the theory at least. We’ll look at these systems first and then go on to look at a much better alternative.

Some of the most beneficial phone answering services of an automated virtual assistant include:

  • Allows you to work from any location knowing your calls are being picked up
  • No hardware to purchase or maintain
  • Can be setup within minutes
  • Existing phone lines can integrate seamlessly with the system
  • 24/7 auto attendant
  • Customizable
  • Studio recorded greetings
  • Music on-hold features
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail to email features

There is no shortage of these systems and they can prove invaluable for a lot of budget-conscious folks just starting out on their own. However, they are still automated systems nonetheless. As professional as they may sound, there is one thing missing, and that is “real person” interaction. In case you’re wondering how important that is, think about your own calling habits for a moment. How many times do you call someone hoping to get through to the person directly? And how many times will you hang up the second an answering machine clicks in?

Automated virtual receptionists are much better than nothing at all, and they certainly have their place. However, if you really want to make a good first impression, increase your productivity, and not miss a single call, then a remote receptionist is a more professional option.

You Can’t Do It All

Let’s face it, when you’re building your business there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  Sleep becomes a necessary evil and you struggle to find enough time to get everything done. You can’t expect to do it all, and nor do you have to. Yes, you’re going to be busy, but there are ways to increase your productivity and success.

Here’s a very important fact that anyone growing a business should never lose sight of:


There will be enough demands on your time as it is. Having to take calls every time the phone rings could break your momentum and disrupt an otherwise productive day. There will be some calls that are a total waste of your valuable time, but if that phone rings you still have to answer it all the same. You don’t want to miss calls from new leads for business or clients.

Your Very Own Remote, Live Virtual Receptionist

The second kind of virtual receptionist is of the human variety. This is a step up from the automated systems we looked at earlier. Imagine that, your very own front office support person or team. The caller thinks that your live virtual receptionist is in your office. This is someone who will handle all your calls. It is a person, or team of people, who understand your specific business model and its requirements. They know this because you’ve discussed it with them before setting up the arrangement. There’s a very good reason to have someone other than you look after your front end. It means you get to focus on other, more important issues like growing your new business venture. You get to do this without all those unnecessary distractions.

Other valuable benefits of the remote, live virtual receptionist include some of the following:

  • Real person as the first point of contact (a great first impression)
  • Receptionist handles and redirects all your calls as arranged
  • Schedules your appointments
  • Provides general admin support on request
  • All the benefits of a full-time staff member at a fraction of the cost
  • Some more advanced virtual receptionists services, like those from Office Evolution Hackensack, will also do things like qualify leads and answer FAQs
  • Plus lots more

In brief, employing the services of a remote receptionist will result in no more missed calls from new business leads and clients, no more scheduling mix-ups (a common curse for mobile operations), no more distractions from solicitors, and no more unnecessary worries about needing to answer a ringing phone. A phone answering service is crucial to almost every new business venture, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. Relax with the knowledge that other professionals can represent you and your company at times when you’re not available. With real people taking care of real business you have satisfied clients who know they can contact you or your office when they dial your number. That’s reassuring.

Appointment Reminders

You must have heard the saying “running around like a headless chicken.” This can certainly be true in those early days and months of putting together your own business or during busy periods. There’s always so much to do yet so little time, or at least it can seem that way. It works both ways too. Those you were supposed to be meeting can also forget the appointment; such is the nature of today’s hectic lifestyles. Missed opportunities can, and quite often do, cost money and a loss of future business. A remote virtual receptionist can prevent these lost opportunities from occurring. They can call your clients ahead of time and remind them of your forthcoming meeting. All you have to do is provide them with your upcoming appointment schedule and they will do the rest. Once again, you get to forget about this and get on with other things that need more immediate attention.

The Solution to these Problems

If you would like to know more of the benefits a virtual receptionist can bring to your setup, contact Office Evolution Hackensack, NJ today. We will be more than happy to go over all your options with you and come up with the best solutions for you and your business needs.

We cater to the requirements of everyone, whether you’re a service professional branching out alone, a small startup, ambitious freelancer or a wannabe solopreneur. Be sure to check out our other services too:

  • Coworking spaces
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  • Live, virtual receptionist

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