On-Demand Office Services Offer Attractive Alternatives to the Traditional Office

The 9 to 5, in-office work week, working for The Man is beginning to look like an antiquated model for satisfying career needs in the United States. More than ever before, individuals are taking their time and futures out of the hands of employers. They’re taking big risks to follow passions and create meaningful lives. The Intuit 2020 Report projects that these remote workers, freelancers, and “solopreneurs” will comprise 40% of the United States workforce by 2020. New companies are popping up all the time to offer the tools and on-demand office spaces—executive suites, coworking spaces, and virtual offices—that help these freelancers succeed in a rapidly changing employment environment.

Freelancers, telecommuters, and remote workers have many of the same needs as traditional workers and employers. The difference is that the former group has more flexibility and a greater need for that flexibility. New companies are stepping up to offer the services of a traditional office space to freelancers. Many of these providers, such as Office Evoluton, offer services like short-term office space rentals, conference and meeting rooms, professional businesses addresses, answering services, and locations throughout the country. For these remote working pioneers, it’s a good idea to consider these services to ensure access to the tools virtually all businesses need. Most of the individuals and small businesses that use these services will appreciate the exceptional value.

On demand workspaces and virtual offices provide a host of benefits.

Saving Money

The costs associated with setting up a traditional office are burdensome for most remote workers and freelancers. Sometimes these workers don’t need constant access to a fully functioning office so paying exorbitant sums for rent, utilities, and the other necessary costs isn’t worth it. By utilizing services through these companies that cater to freelancers such as on-demand office space and meeting rooms, a freelancer is able to minimize costs, and avoid long-term commitments such as a lease. A freelancer, for example, may only need a meeting room for a few hours a week when they have working sessions with a client.

Being Part of a Community

Coworking spaces, like Office Evolution Hackensack, provide a situation unlike a typical working environment—there is a true community. Freelancers can network and collaborate with others working in virtually any industry because all different types of freelancers and remote workers utilize these spaces. There are no boring days at the office because there is constant exposure to new people and ideas. That’s something rarely, if ever, found in a traditional 9 to 5 office.

Living a Location Independent Lifestyle

Many shared office, virtual office, and coworking companies have locations throughout the United States so remote workers always have access to the services and spaces they need as they travel the country for business or pleasure. They aren’t limited by the 40 hour workweek at the company office. Some companies, such as Office Evolution, provide their members 24/7 access to all their business centers, offering the freedom and flexibility these remote workers and freelancers demand.

If you’re just getting started as a freelancer or remote worker, consider these alternatives to the traditional office. If you’re already a freelancer, it might be time to reevaluate your current approach if you aren’t utilizing the unique suite of services that these on-demand office companies provide. You’ll end up saving money, meeting other ambitious freelancers, and working from wherever you want.