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Are Shared Office Spaces for Lawyers a Good Idea?

Today’s attorneys have a very different way of operating than in the past. With virtual consultations on the rise, paying for full-time commercial office space is often unnecessary. Not to mention, the actual cost of a traditional office would likely be your greatest expense each month. Shared office spaces for lawyers are the perfect solution. You get the space you need when you need it, at an affordable rate.

Office Evolution in Hillsboro, OR, offers a range of membership options in our conveniently-located space. Whether you simply need a meeting room once in a while or are ready for a private office, we have you covered. You can schedule a tour here or give us a call at 971-297-1444 to learn more about our memberships.

3 Benefits of Shared Office Spaces for Lawyers

No matter where you are in your law career, from just setting up shop to growing and scaling, shared office space is likely to meet your needs. Here are some of the top reasons attorneys enjoy shared and hybrid offices.

1. Cost Savings

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Movie images of lavishly wealthy lawyers who earn millions of dollars each year make it seem as if attorneys have more money than they know what to do with. The reality is that the average annual salary for a lawyer is around $120,000. While that is a great salary in many markets, it’s not necessarily creating a life of luxury for every attorney. 

All that to say, yes, even lawyers have budgets to consider. Traditional office spaces in the Portland Metro area often cost $3000 and up each month. They also generally require you to sign a two or three-year lease. On top of the monthly rent, you will need to pay for utilities, internet, janitorial, furnishings, and more.

At Office Evolution in Hillsboro, we offer memberships at significantly lower rates and without long-term leases. You can stay on budget while still establishing and growing your practice.

2. Flexible Memberships

Your office space needs are likely to evolve over time. You may start by needing only a business mailing address and eventually need a private office for you and your team. 

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Shared office spaces like Office Evolution allow you to choose the membership level that works for you. And with month-to-month options, you can adjust your contract as needed to give you the coverage that lets you run your practice with ease.

3. Professional Image

The digital age means lawyers can do much of their work without seeing clients in person. However, most clients still want to meet face-to-face, at least initially. Hiring an attorney requires significant trust, so putting forth a professional image is crucial for lawyers.

With a shared office space, you will have a professional way to meet with clients when needed. Private offices and larger conference rooms give you plenty of options, whether you’re meeting with one person or leading a hybrid meeting with dozens of people. At Office Evolution, we also have a receptionist to greet your guests and clients, further boosting your professionalism and trustworthiness. 

Ready To Claim Your Office Membership?

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Shared office spaces are ideal for lawyers in all stages of business. You will enjoy a comfortable, professional office that allows you to meet your clients’ needs. At Office Evolution in Hillsboro, OR, we love our community of entrepreneurs, remote workers, and creative dreamers. We invite you to come see us and take a tour. You can pick your time to visit here or call us at 971-297-1444 to schedule your tour.