5 Reasons a Shared Workspace May be the Best Location for Your Private Office

When many people think of coworking, they envision wide-open floorplans, earbuds and ping pong, with no private spaces. But coworking spaces have evolved. With the explosive growth in the shared office industry, a variety of models have emerged to fit different business needs. In addition to convenient and productive coworking space, Office Evolution Horsham has plenty of private offices — ideal for attorneys, psychologists, financial planners and others who want the benefits of shared working space without sacrificing privacy.

Here are some reasons to consider choosing an office in a shared workspace:

1. Professional Network and Community

One of the most important benefits of working in a shared workspace is access to an internal network of professionals, collaborators and potential partners. Rather than working alone, you are surrounded by a community where you can expand your networking circle, give and receive advice and referrals, spark new business ideas and find social connections.

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

For many professionals and solopreneurs, the most daunting aspects of starting a new business or establishing a new office are overhead costs and long-term commitments. You don’t need to sign a five-year lease, hire a receptionist and buy high-end furniture or massive office equipment to open your own office. Shared workspaces can provide flexible office rentals – 1 year, 6 months, even month-to-month — so you don’t need to commit to terms beyond your comfort level and you can keep your options open to adjust your office space as your business evolves.

3. Move-in Ready Professional Space.

Furnishing, equipping and maintaining your own office can also require significant commitment of time and financial resources. A private office in a shared workspace will likely come fully furnished and equipped with:

Desk, chair, guest seating;

Telephone with handset;

Secure internet service;

Access to community printers, scanners, copiers;

Access to a business lounge or other co-working spaces;

Access to a shared kitchen; and

Free coffee, tea and water.

4. Reception Area and Staff

Shared workspaces typically provide staffed reception during normal business hours, so your guests will be greeted by a live human being and directed to you as you request.

5. Access to Conference Rooms and Common Workspaces

As a small business owner, you will likely often need more space than you have in your private office. Shared workspaces provide conference rooms, meeting rooms and day offices you can use for meetings, interviews, presentations, workshops or other gatherings. Common areas within a shared workspace also offer great spaces to meet with clients or network with other business owners and professionals who work in the space.

Office Evolution Horsham has 31 furnished private offices, 2 conference rooms (accommodating 6 and 8 people), and a comfortable business lounge complete with a community kitchen always stocked with free coffee, tea and water. If your business has outgrown your home office, if you’re tired of meeting clients in coffee shops, or you’re just looking for great office space in the Horsham, PA area, call (215) 315-0151 to schedule a tour today.