Telephone Answering Services in Hoffman Estates: Key Study Findings

Telephone answering services are becoming more and more popular with small businesses in Hoffman Estates, IL. Why is that?

One obvious reason is the savings these services offer over hiring a full-time receptionist. Telephone answering companies and virtual reception services have made it much more affordable to delegate telephone reception. These services are affordable even for a one-person business in Hoffman Estates.

Another reason is the impact these services have on productivity and customer service. Phone management can be a big problem for small business owners. Interruptions from spam callers can derail your workflow. But if you fail to answer your phone consistently, you could miss out on leads or lose important clients. A telephone answering service can minimize both of these issues.

In short, modern telephone answering companies are hitting the sweet spot between affordability and impact. Small businesses in Hoffman Estates are increasingly recognizing the value these services offer.

Stats on Answering Services & Virtual Receptionists

Businesses in Hoffman Estates aren’t the only ones paying attention to telephone reception. Larger businesses and researchers have invested significant time and funds into studying these services. Thanks to their data, we now have a much clearer sense of what telephone answering services have to offer, how they perform in action, and which services provide the best value to small businesses.

Here are five key findings about telephone answering services from recent studies and reporting.

  1. Small Businesses Lose Millions to Spam Calls.Telephone reception services screen calls for small businesses, allowing them to skip out on robocalls and unwanted solicitations. This saves more money than many businesses realize. According to stats from ZDNet, US small businesses lose out on $500 million of productivity each year due to spam calls.
  2. Most Calls to Small Businesses Go Unanswered. As a small business owner, you know how hard it is to answer every phone call. But you might be underestimating how many phone calls you leave unanswered. One study reported that a full 62% of calls to small businesses either received no answer or went to voicemail.
  3. Callers Don’t Leave Messages on Voicemail. Because of how hard it is to answer every call, a lot of small business owners rely on their answering machine inbox. Unfortunately, most voicemail inboxes have more holes than a sieve. Research by Telecompaper, a telecommunications news source, shows that 7 in 10calls to voicemail end without a message.
  4. Customers Prefer Live Answering to Virtual Reception.One of the biggest recent studies on phone answering was done in 2016 by HuffPost. Their researchers asked customers whether they preferred live agents or virtual receptionists. A full 90% of those surveyed preferred live answering to automated systems.
  5. Automated Reception Leads to Unhappy Customers.It’s not just that customers prefer live agents to virtual ones. In fact, nearly half of consumers openly dislike virtual receptionists. A study by AchieveGlobal found that 47% of people considered “not getting a real person” a negative customer experience.

Telephone Reception Company in Hoffman Estates, IL

Here’s another amazing stat: telephone answering services from Office Evolution® Hoffman Estates add two hours to the average small business owner’s work week. We can help you manage incoming calls, improve customer service, and boost productivity. We offer three different options for local telephone answering services, making it easy for small businesses in Hoffman Estates to find the right plan for their needs.

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