The Healing Hub: Myofunctional Therapy in a Shared Space

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Hosburgh, RDH OMT – Healthy Habits

Starting any business comes with its set of challenges and requirements. Jennifer Hosburgh’s initial belief was that a quiet office and privacy were the primary necessities for effective client engagement. However, the reality of establishing a new business, especially in a specialized field like Myofunctional Therapy, involved much more than just a serene workspace. The financial and logistical aspects of setting up and maintaining an office space – encompassing rent, utilities, parking facilities, and suitable furniture – was overwhelming for her new businesses.

Office Evolution: A Catalyst for Growth

By partnering with Office Evolution, Jennifer (owner of Healthy Habits Orofacial Myology), was able to shift her focus entirely to growing her business and servicing clients. Office Evolution handles the operational aspects of office management. This collaboration has been instrumental in her success and growth of Healthy Habits allowing for an undivided concentration on enhancing patient care and expanding the therapeutic offerings. 

Office Evolution allows for redefining the concept of a professional workspace. Described as a “Turn Key” office, it offers an instant, fully-equipped office environment at the turn of a key. This concept provided Jennifer not just the physical space but also a comprehensive array of amenities required for running an office efficiently.

Jennifer’s is not just a story of healthcare innovation but also an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial spirit and the search for the right partnership in business growth. Office Evolution has played a crucial role in her story, enabling Jennifer to devote her expertise and energy where it matters most – in transforming lives through Myofunctional Therapy. The collaboration between Healthy Habits and Office Evolution stands as a testament to how the right support system can propel a specialized practice to new heights of success and impact.

If you are in need of a workplace solution, Office Evolution’s eleven area locations provide flexible dedicated offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and virtual mail plans. Find a Front Range location nearest you!

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional Therapy is a unique and innovative evidence-based treatment in the dynamic world of healthcare. It takes an approach that targets the muscles in the mouth, face, and swallowing areas, and parallels physical therapy but specifically for head and neck muscles. It not only ensures the proper growth of development of oral structures but improves the outcomes of orthodontic therapy in both children and adults. This new therapy plays a critical role in halting detrimental oral habits like sucking habits and tongue thrusts, enhancing swallowing capabilities, aiding in tongue tie and lip tie releases, alleviating pain, clearing brain fog, and even mitigating snoring and poor sleep.