5 Limits Home Offices Put on Businesses & How an Office Rental in Louisville Can Help

At Office Evolution® Louisville, we know how limiting a home office can be to your business. Sure, your home office was the perfect place to get started — but now that you’re growing, it seems like working from home is limiting your profitability and potential. If this sounds familiar, a switch from your home office to an office rental at Office Evolution Louisville could help you get more out of your business.

How a Home Office Can Limit Your Business

At a certain point, a home office can make it harder to grow your business, especially in a competitive market like Louisville. Some of entrepreneurs’ biggest complaints about home offices include problems scaling their business, attracting new clients, and optimizing their work hours — growth killers for any business.

If you’re thinking about a private office rental in Louisville, CO, then you might already be experiencing one of the following five home office problems:

  1. Limits on Revenue-Generating Hours. Working from a home office forces you to be your own office manager, receptionist, cleaning service, and tech support team. That makes it difficult to maximize time spent on revenue-generating work.
  2. Limits on Professional Reputation. If you’re trying to expand your business, you might find it hard to reach a certain clientele when they know you work from home. Moving to an office rental can bolster your image and give you more legitimacy in the eyes of these clients.
  3. Limits on Networking and Access. When you’re parked in a home office from Monday to Friday, you’re unable to connect and network within Louisville, Boulder, and the Metro Denver Area. This limits opportunities and client access, hampering growth.
  4. Limits on Space and Resources. Your spare bedroom might have seemed spacious at first, and your desk was once more than enough for your business’s needs. But now that you’re expanding, your home office just doesn’t have the space and equipment that you need.
  5. Limits on Overall Productivity. Working from home, you might feel like you’re operating at partial capacity. Distractions get in the way. A poor work-life balance keeps your mind half-at-work and half-at-home. You work 60-70 hours, but somehow never feel productiveenough.

When to Upgrade to an Office Rental in Louisville, CO

When your home office is holding back your business, it might be time to upgrade with a Private Office rental at Office Evolution Louisville. Here are just a few of the reasons why Louisville’s entrepreneurs choose our office rentals when switching from a home office.

  • Spacious, fully-furnished, ready-to-work offices allow you to hit the ground running.
  • Dedicated, private, and distraction-free environment is perfect for total focus.
  • Staffed reception, phone answering services, and on-site support help you focus on your most important tasks.
  • Professional address, attractive design, and conference room access make it easy to impress clients.
  • Close proximity to amenities, local business, and the Denver-Boulder Turnpike.

Upgrade to a Private Office rental with Office Evolution Louisville. For more information, call 303-447-6863 today.