Member Reviews for Naperville

James beck

Nov 20, 2022

Chuck Fattore

Oct 13, 2022

Terrific facility. Met all of our meetings needs. Would highly recommend this location to others.

Julie Hindenburg

Sep 28, 2022

Starr McCaffery

Sep 27, 2022

Clean, comfortable modern space. I was there attending a meeting by an organization that booked a single-use of its conference room.

Dylan Ladd

Sep 26, 2022

The space was perfect for our meeting! Very grateful for this resource in our community.

David Fortosis

Sep 16, 2022

While my business partner and I did not end up leasing space from Ashley & her team, they were a pleasure to work with during our search. The space is professional and reasonably priced. Worth a tour if you’re looking.

Neal Ungerleider

Jul 29, 2022

Great space to work from.

Ken Pedley

Jul 28, 2022

Kelly W. is an EXCELLENT ambassador for OE! She is responsive and follows through on even the smallest details throughout the process. A GREAT experience! Hope to work with her again soon.

femi oshikanlu

Jul 27, 2022

Must have for my growing business & the staff are amazing!

Ebtihal Omran

Jun 26, 2022

Jerry Planek

Jun 13, 2022

– Absolutely outstanding service provided.
– layout was great
– amenities looked to be up to par
– we would absolutely use again

– knocked down a star because some of the office was a little “dated”.

again, Kelly at the front desk was awesome!

Nicolas Martinez

May 16, 2022

Thomas Pavelka

Apr 06, 2022

Angelica Harris

Feb 10, 2022

I am so happy I decided to sign up for an office space and this location is Golden!!! Kelly, at the front desk, greeted me with a big smile this morning and has been extremely helpful throughout the day. The space is well lit, clean, stocked with coffee and spring water, copier….I’m happy!!! This is a little further than other spaces close to my house but definitely worth the extra miles.

Edward Farmer

Feb 09, 2022

Steven Vishoot

Feb 07, 2022

Karen Jacobs

Feb 02, 2022

Jay Wickeham

Dec 15, 2021

Office Evolution is an ideal place to rent office or meeting room space.

Patrick Doggett

Nov 18, 2021

This was the best thing. I booked a small conference room for a Zoom interview. They were quick to get back to me, very reasonably priced, and very professional. I had no idea this service existed but now that I do I am going to use it more often. I highly recommend.

Keith Erickson

Sep 17, 2021

Great office with great front desk workers

Linda Whitaker

Sep 01, 2021

Will definitely hold more meetings here! Perfect space and even better coffee!

Darby Elo

Aug 29, 2021

The layout of the office made it super accessible, and the staff were very flexible and friendly. I would definitely recommend renting a workspace!


Aug 28, 2021

Met the owners, they were very nice and helpful. The space is really nice, definitely recommend!

Liam Athas

Aug 28, 2021

It do be good

Yu Claire

Aug 28, 2021

The average rating for Office Evolution 4.8 stars on a 5.0 scale, with a total of
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