Tenant Highlight - Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals, LLC

Dr. Rita and Benjamin Gibson own Gibson & Gibson Licensed Financial Professionals; a financial education and wealth strategist company. Its goals and operations as a company are robust, and they offer a wide variety of services including credit repair, financial analysis, investment strategies, and more. Their focus is to provide a sure financial education so that each client can create and attain goals specific to their needs and, ultimately, they aim to guide their customers to financial independence. Gibson & Gibson believe that they can help clients create a better quality of life by helping them build wealth through tax-free strategies.

At Gibson & Gibson education is key, and they ensure their clients feel knowledgeable on how to control their money, no matter the level of income. A common misconception of their field is that often, people think that they only need financial services if they already have wealth and need someone to manage it. However, financial planners help their clients with analyzing budget and spending habits, creating short-term and long-term savings strategies, helping to meet retirement goals, or even paying for college. Gibson & Gibson is dedicated to helping their clients make the best decisions with their hard-earned money, no matter their income or status. 

Dr. Rita and Benjamin have helped people from all walks of life. One memorable success story from them is that of a young mother, a refugee from Liberia in need of a plan to build a brighter future for her daughter. Gibson & Gibson were able to help this mother develop a solid plan to build generational wealth, providing a way to ensure her daughter would never have to live in poverty. With the education and strategies given to her at Gibson & Gibson, she will not only provide for her daughter but leave a legacy for future generations to come. 


While Gibson & Gibson is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, they are able to provide services in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. Their flexibility sets them apart, as they offer Zoom meetings for clients so their services are attainable to anyone seeking them. They have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and are members of the Raleigh and Clayton Chambers of Commerce. Dr. Rita and Benjamin take pride in being involved in their local community and are valued members there. Dr. Rita also hosts a podcast as well as Women and Wealth luncheons. They truly desire to invest in others and help them achieve success financially. 

Gibson & Gibson conducts business out of Office Evolution’s Raleigh location, and they enjoy working with the friendly and accommodating staff there. At a workplace like Office Evolution, there is a team of people who can address concerns immediately. Office Evolution’s office space rentals and business resources allow Gibson & Gibson to spend more time focusing on their clients instead of the facilities.

Please visit https://gibsonlfpllc.com/ for more information on working with Dr. Rita and Benjamin Gibson for your financial education and strategy needs!