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Jay Burgher

Jul 14, 2022

Very welcoming environment. I am happy I chose Office Evolutions it is a great place to conduct business and the staff on hand are very helpful. If you are looking for an office space, I would recommend Office Evolutions.

Kyle Hanlin

Jul 07, 2022

Office Evolution provides me with the type of workplace I need – extreme flexibility re: hours/access at a wonderfully affordable price and close to home. The shared workspace was always clean and low/no noise, unlike a coffeeshop or other co-working options that can be loud and distracting and thus do not provide a workplace environment suited to my needs. The staff is very kind and present, and the amenities like free coffee/tea, ice machine, filtered water, microwave, fridge, etc., all were kept stocked, clean and in perfect working order. I highly recommend Office Evolution!

The Coley’s

Apr 29, 2022

R&N Financial Professional Agency, LLC chose this location because it was highly recommended. We are very satisfied with Dave and Brona who do an awesome job at making you feel welcomed. We always have events where we connect with other entrepreneurs who has offices on the second floor with our company. My wife and I love the atmosphere of the office.

Veda Love

Aug 06, 2021

Clean and wonderful space I love and the staff Lani and Mrs B are amazing and sweet

Tyler Bonds

Aug 05, 2021

Amaceo Bonds

Aug 05, 2021

Great people really friendly. Love the atmosphere. Always feel welcomed when I come in.

Don Chaplin

Aug 05, 2021

Great place to work and do business! Highly recommended.

Meta Endres

Aug 05, 2021

The office space is welcoming, clean, and extremely enjoyable to be in. Lani always is willing to talk or help anytime there is a need, even if itโ€™s not specific to the office space, she welcomes you no matter what. Brona runs the front desk and will greet you with a smile right off the bat and always makes a point to say goodbye to you as you leave. You really always feel welcome and valued.

Crystal Rothwell

Aug 05, 2021

I Love Ms. Lani and Ms. Brona!!!!

Tahnee Johnson

Aug 05, 2021

Paola Dominguez

Jul 16, 2021

Ruth Anderson

Jun 25, 2021

The space is wonderful, great service .

Ms Independent

Apr 27, 2021

The is awesome

Baxter Hayes

Mar 17, 2021

Sue Weems

Mar 08, 2021

David Hemmerly

Feb 23, 2021

We selected Office Evolution because of it’s convenient location for our clients and clean and professional office space. Very pleased with the overall offering and specifically the staff. Tricia has been incredible to work with. She partners with clients to provide exceptional service and reliability based upon their individual needs. And her positive and friendly demeanor are directly responsible for an outstanding experience for clients and guests. Also recently interacted with Eileen and am equally impressed with her professionalism and efficiency which reflect the values of Office Evolution and are a wonderful reflection of her personal attention to client welfare and success. Highly recommended.

Marie Hicks

Feb 18, 2021

This is a great place for anyone who needs a professional address or an office. They have plenty of options for every budget. The staff was very professional and friendly. Parking was free and at the building, so weren’t walking too far. They even have free coffee!! I highly recommend.

Mr.TK, Strike. No One Is Above The Law

Sep 21, 2020

I just wanted to say that. I love it

Serena Manning

Jun 12, 2020

Kimberlee is quick to respond. Great customer service. They strive to create community here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Michelle Borrayes

Feb 01, 2020

Ciro Galvan

Nov 30, 2019

David Shempert

Sep 05, 2019

The location is on the corner of Hwy 70 (Glenwood Road) & Creedmoor Rd right across from the Crabtree Valley Mall on Macy’s side. They have some construction going next door so they had one of the entrances blocked from Glenwood Road. Traffic really sucks around this part of town and having that entrance blocked extended my commute by about 5 minutes just waiting on traffic to clear the signal and intersection to be able to enter the parking lot on the back side of the building. If you have a key-fob you can enter on the back-side across from Macy’s if it’s before or after hours.
I love that the office takes up the whole 2nd floor of this building they have a nice big and warming lobby and have bathrooms in the actual office whereas other locations you have to exit the office and head to a hallway for bathrooms. They offer free coffee & tea (Flavia system), water (hot/cold) and a dedicated ice maker. This particular location has some free snacks as well.
I am a visiting member of the co-working space but I found the co-working space at this location extremely lacking and annoying. They literally have placed the entire co-working area within the kitchen right beside the copier. Normally having others around doesn’t bother me at all but it was super frustrating to listen to the copier running all morning, the microwave beeping, opening and closing etc. Other members use the co-working space as a lunch area and are not particularly respectful with regards to their noise level. I don’t know who told you all that placing the co-working area immediately beside the kitchen and copier was a good idea but it really doesn’t work well here.
Internet access was a pain here. I arrived first thing in the morning before the rest of the office filled up and the speeds were acceptable (18Mbps X 18 Mbps) but around lunch speeds slowed to a crawl (around 3Mbps or less down). I wasn’t able to use Remote Desktop without a significant lag. I ended up having to bust out my AT&T LTE router to just be able to work. VoIP calls struggled to complete and had latency issues. There are no accessible ethernet ports to use in their co-working area here. It has one larger shared high-top table with 6 chairs and two smaller high-top tables in the space. No actual real desks were available in the co-working space here. The biggest issue is the loud microwave beeper and people who seem to think the co-working area is a lunch room with no-one trying to work there. For the amount that is charged it’s almost highway robbery to classify this space as a legitimate co-working space.
This space apparently utilizes a motion sensor power management system for lighting in the rented offices and since all the offices are basically windows it was a day full of lights going on and off continuously. I’d hope you consider altering the timeout length of those lights it gets pretty annoying to have the lights turning on and off all day and I’m sure that the people renting those offices have similar frustrations.
All in all I really wanted to enjoy this office but the logistics in having your entire co-working space enclosed in a small kitchen was a pretty bad decision.

Richard Averitte

Aug 23, 2019

Awesome team. They create a professional environment with a personal touches. Events like lunch and learns are an added value. We highly recommend them to any business!

Generic Commenter tho

Jul 18, 2019

Jason Bowlin

May 03, 2019

Very friendly folks. Great office environment.

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