The Future of Work is Hybrid


In 2020, the world changed. One by one, countries and states issued “stay home” orders that prohibited office workers from being able to go to their offices. Businesses across all industries immediately had to develop new work models to prevent them from going under, so companies were forced to develop strategies that allowed their workers to complete their tasks at home. After more than two years of pivoting and adapting to changing conditions, many businesses have come through these trying times by developing solid remote work models. But working exclusively from home is not the answer that many hoped it would be. There are still many business needs that can only be met in an office. For some, it may be that their work-from-home situation did not allow them to focus as much as they needed to on their jobs. For others, a need to collaborate with others in person is entirely necessary. Additionally, many businesses find it beneficial to bring everyone together regularly to maintain a consistently positive company culture. The answer to all these needs is committing to a hybrid work model. 

In most industries, spending Monday through Friday in an office is a thing of the past. Failing to be flexible could take a toll on a company’s hiring capabilities, worker retention, worker morale, and overall productivity. The balancing act of allowing work to be done remotely while bringing back some semblance of “normal” is best resolved using a hybrid work model. Hybrid work entails allowing workers to spend part of their time working remotely and part of their time in the office. COVID caused such dramatic work changes that many workers have grown to expect this type of arrangement. 

Gallup conducted a poll that asked, “Why do people prefer their ideal work location?” Below are the top five reasons people gave that were either pro-office or pro-remote work:

  • “To avoid commute time.”

These days, commuting is a big deal. Those living in and around large cities know the pain of everyday commuting. Eliminating a daily drive to and from an office is a big selling point for workers. 

  • “It is better for my wellbeing overall.”

In general, workers will either strongly prefer being in the office or working remotely from home. Keeping these two preferences in mind, you can please everyone for a portion of the time by choosing a hybrid work model. 

  •  “I need flexibility to balance family needs or other obligations.”

A hybrid work model helps develop a very healthy work-life balance for employees. It is not an irregular occurrence for something to come up in an employee’s personal life that requires them to request an impromptu day off. With hybrid work, workers can more easily meet their family’s needs while also maintaining their duties at work. For example, instead of using a sick day to take a child to the doctor, an employee could work from home that day and take their child to the appointment on their lunch break.

  • “The option to work in-person with coworkers.”

For the employees that thrive around others, having a chance to be around coworkers and collaborate in person is refreshing and boosts their productivity.

  • “I feel more productive AND connected to my organization.”

It is hard to feel like you are connected to and part of an organization when you rarely have the chance to interact with others on your team! Keeping a solid team spirit alive requires spending quality time as a group. 

The work option that aligns best with most employee work preferences is hybrid work! So, whether you are a small business owner, a manager, or on the hunt for a job, it is evident that flexibility is critical in today’s work environment. By offering a hybrid work arrangement, your company will grow, and your employees will be able to thrive.


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