What Is a Virtual Office and How Does It Work?

The business world is evolving: today’s active professionals can work from anywhere, from high powered offices to the coffee shop down the street from their home to a warm Florida beach! We can access many of the tools and functions we need digitally, freeing us up to do what we do best from where we do it best. But even so, we sometimes need a “real” office. Virtual office space in Tampa Bay offers the best of both worlds.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

First, what is it? A virtual office is a service: it enables people to work remotely and access a range of business functions through the internet. It also gives them a physical address so they can build a presence in a desirable area (like Tampa Bay) without having to pay for the actual space. This is a great option for new companies, those testing the business waters in a certain area, and those who want to cut capital expenses.

So how does a virtual office work? Many virtual office providers offer the opportunity to choose services as you want and need: like an a la carte menu for business people. In addition to securing a desirable physical address for your business, you may opt for:

  • Live Phone Answering. In trying to build your business, you’re going to get calls from unknown numbers frequently. With a virtual office’s phone answering service, you can be sure these handled according to your criteria – and by a real, live person! 
  • Meeting/Conference Rooms. Need to present to potential investors? Want to give a training to your employees? You normally work on your couch in your PJs. Not to worry: reserve a conference or meeting room that is fully equipped for your needs.
  • Office as Needed. As-needed office spaces are great when you need to meet an important client, conduct a confidential business call without distraction, or strategize with your partners. 
  • Receptionist. When clients, employees, investors, and other stakeholders come to meet you, they don’t want to feel as if your business is “virtual.” They don’t want to feel as if they are walking into an anonymous space. A receptionist can greet them, make them feel at home, and make sure you look good! 

If you are looking for virtual office space in Tampa Bay, get in touch with Office Evolution. The business world is truly evolving – and we’ll help ensure that you move right along with it.