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Your Atlanta Success Story

Atlanta is hub of business and entrepreneurship that seems to be bred into its soil and thus its people. Part of the success of Atlanta based mega companies is in the way they meet, and it isn’t in a coffee shop, so why should your small business suffer that plight? It won’t have to when you use our conference rooms in Atlanta, GA. Launch your Atlanta success story when you use these sleek, fully furnished, plug n play conference rooms in our business center in Atlanta, GA.

Size Does Matter

But that doesn’t mean your business needs to be a commercial monolith to rent out one of our accessible conference rooms in Atlanta, GA, in fact, we prefer that you’re not, that way our conference rooms can be better tailored to fit your needs based on size-

Small Conference Rooms

These smaller conference rooms are incredible for your small but growing business, fitting up to 6 people in comfort, these rooms are great for startups as well as small legal parties prepping for a case.

Medium Sized Conference Rooms

These mid- sized conference rooms in Atlanta, GA are perfect for the business somewhere between startup and corporate, with a decent amount of employees, but a sense of intimacy and friendship that can be perfectly fostered by these rooms which fit up to 12 people.

Large Conference Rooms

Our large conference rooms can fit up to 18 people with seating for everyone, and are great for boardroom style meetings. However, they also function as a 25 person training room, great for teambuilding, training, and onboarding.

Your Rental Time

Don’t pay for an hour of using our conference rooms in Atlanta, GA when you only need 15 minutes. To keep your overhead down and your productivity up, we make sure to rent out our rooms for as short as 15 minutes as a time if you want, that way you only use what you pay for.

Conference Room Country

We don’t yet have a place for you to set up our conference rooms in your area yet. That’s why we need your help in this endeavor. If you know the perfect place for local area professionals to meet and work, let us know by filling out the form to the right or by calling us at 877.475.6300. We’ll be in touch soon, thank you!

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