Choosing Office Space That Will Scale with Your Business

Whether you are just starting out as a solopreneur or your small business is currently in a growth phase, it isn’t always easy to figure out how to scale your business as time goes by. Infrastructure needs, talent and skills gaps, leadership challenges, and access to markets can all pose problems as your business evolves.

Fortunately, modern office space solutions help solve scaling problems for many types of businesses. No longer do you have to have a crystal ball or psychic ability to figure out what type of office space you will need in ten years. Flexible workspaces provide you with the necessary tools to scale either up or down as the need arises.

Which Factors Matter for Scaling Purposes?

Though every business is different, there are some general factors that make scaling your business easier from an office space standpoint. 

  • Location. Choosing the right location for your office space helps you impress desirable clients, attract the right talent to your team, and form beneficial relationships with other professionals in the area.
  • Amenities. Choosing an office space that offers amenities such as office equipment, conference rooms, fitness centers, convenient access to public transportation, and so on makes it more likely that you will be able to scale your business effectively.
  • Price. When your business is just starting out, it’s likely that you are a bit cash-strapped. Finding an affordable office space option helps you utilize scant resources in the best way possible so you can build working capital over time.


Space Matters Most

Of course, the most important factor for scaling purposes is the office space itself. What are your options as you scale? Here’s a look at what businesses in different stages may need in terms of office space.

  • Home-based businesses: If you are still in the early stages of your business or simply prefer to keep your business concerns at home, you can benefit from virtual office space. With virtual office space, you can leverage live telephone services and a prestigious business mailing address while still enjoying the comforts of home. 
  • Businesses that involve travel and client meetings: If you use your home as a base of operations, but travel often for business, coworking spaces and shared office spaces may be just the thing you need to grow your business. Being able to pop in quickly for a client meeting in a well-appointed conference room gives you a competitive edge that you just can’t achieve in a crowded coffee shop.
  • Service-oriented solopreneurs and small firms: As your business continues to grow, you may need to ditch the home office in favor of a more traditional office setting. Private offices in coworking environments give you the perks of coworking with the added advantages of privacy for you and your growing staff. Even better, you can add offices as needed, from one private office to a suite of offices as you scale your business. 

Office Evolution offers all of these types of office space for a growing business. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and schedule a tour today!