Member Spotlight: SensCy Start-Up Grows with Office Evolution Ann Arbor

David Behen, the Chief Client Success Officer at SensCy, understands the importance of customizable and scalable office space to support his small business. SensCy is a cybersecurity startup that needed a space that could adapt to its evolving team easily and affordably. Hence, Office Evolution Ann Arbor was the only sensible option for SensCy’s evolving team. 

Located in the heart of cybersecurity territory in the Midwest, Office Evolution offers high-quality workplace options, personalized support, and growth opportunities to help SensCy succeed. With amenities such as meeting rooms, privacy glass, phone booths, and high-speed internet, coupled with their customizable and flexible monthly memberships, made it incredibly easy for SensCy to adjust their workspace as needed. If (and when) more employees join their company, they could easily rent out a bigger private office space the next month. If they needed to hold a meeting or company retreat, they could rent out a meeting room for a few hours just down the hall from their office.

As a keynote speaker, expert panelist, and moderator for national and international audiences providing expertise on cybersecurity, data management, and leadership, Behen understands how important it is to foster a community culture. Office Evolution Ann Arbor provided the SensCy team with a community of like-minded individuals who were always there to support and help them grow and prosper. With a start-up, inspiration from others is essential. Members at Office Evolution Ann Arbor are the perfect place for Behen to network, celebrate wins, and meet like-minded professionals. 

Behen’s passion for cybersecurity and creating proactive solutions aligns perfectly with Office Evolution’s mission of fostering productivity and innovation for businesses and individuals to succeed. SensCy needed a space that was both customizable and flexible, and with Office Evolution’s evolving workspace landscape, they found all that and more.

Having an established office space helped SensCy with privacy, productivity, and credibility. “Start-ups are fast and rewarding. You get to build something from nothing,” said Behen. SensCy is passionate about what they do and is constantly evolving. Joining Office Evolution in this journey only made sense for their high-tech, high-touch approach to cybersecurity.

Office Evolution spaces are strategically located in the suburbs of cities, making it easy to commute to and also convenient for when you do need to venture into the city. The Ann Arbor location is just minutes from downtown, making it easy for the team and their clients to commute in. Being located in southeast Michigan also meant the opportunity for cybersecurity to thrive, given that in 2020, there were 138,000 cybersecurity job postings there. With Office Evolution, SensCy found a space that allowed them to focus on their passion for cybersecurity and grow rapidly.

Do you need help growing your small business in an innovative, evolving, and flexible workspace, find an Office Evolution location near you! 

About SensCy

SensCy helps companies manage cyber risks faced by small and mediums sized organizations (SMOs) by providing affordable and sensible cybersecurity solutions. SensCy is offering all Office Evolution members, nationwide, a free cyberhealth evaluation. In less than 30 minutes, a cybersecurity professional from SensCy can walk you through your organization’s cyberhealth via a brief evaluation. The evaluation gives SMOs like yours a tangible measure of their cyber health, called a SensCy Score™. Like a credit score, SensCy Score is on a 1,000-point scale and organizations should strive for a score of 800 or above. To sign up for your free evaluation, please contact David at