New Franchisee – Trey Hardin

We are so pleased to welcome Trey Hardin, our newest franchisee!


A bit about Trey and what makes him tick –

Trey is a Boston native and diehard sports fan (Go Pats!  C’mon Bosox!). He played baseball at the University of Michigan, then gave up the field for a career in politics. His first job? A White House stint under President George H.W. Bush.


Prior to becoming an Office Evolution franchisee, Hardin spent 28 years working in the public relations and government fields, including a job under President George H.W. Bush. In addition to his time in the White House, Hardin also worked on political campaigns and as a lobbyist. After leaving the political field, Hardin founded a communications and public relations firm that specializes in helping corporate, trade associations and non-profit clients with crisis communications, media relations, and brand development. As an entrepreneur himself, Hardin understands the importance of having a professional work environment to help grow business operations, and is looking forward to using his Office Evolution location to help him empower other small-medium sized business owners.


Why the drive to develop in Virginia?

After years of thorough research and analysis of the franchise world, Trey says that shared workspace, and OE in particular, came out on top for a couple of reasons. 


“Office Evolution offers a successful business model with an opportunity for serious growth given the current rising demand for suburban workspace as businesses look towards the suburbs for more affordable and convenient office space,” stated Hardin. “Given the region’s proximity to Washington D.C., there are thousands of solopreneurs and small businesses who are looking for a productive, aesthetically-pleasing work environment where they can thrive. I look forward to bringing Office Evolution’s model to northern Virginia.”


The key to his can-do spirit –

“What excites me most is the opportunity to empower entrepreneurs with a supportive and productive home, plus the services that help a diverse group of professionals and innovative risk-takers to succeed,” he says, adding that he loves organizing events and connecting with people.


“To be able to grow a business by fulfilling that passion is something I have been searching for a while,” says Trey.  “I consider myself a people person and, throughout my career, the relationships and communication skills I have developed stand out to me as the most significant factors in my success. It is probably why I have been in the client business for the last 17 years and it certainly factors into my interest in this opportunity.” He hopes to use those skills to help the dreamers and doers in his OE push boundaries and strive for success in all they do.


We’re all in this together.

After the Ohana Day presentation, Trey told Mark (Hemmeter) that “it all sounded too good to be true.”


“That comment was driven by my strong sense that Office Evolution and the Ohana are indeed truly unique and the culture is very real, not just advertised,” says Trey. “I am blessed to have found an organization that no doubt represents the essence of the principles that are so important to me (e.g. family, loyalty, friendships, team sports, and collaboration). I am blessed to be a part of this Ohana.”

Please join us in welcoming Trey who is eager to revolutionize the coworking landscape in Northern Virginia. We’re excited that he’s joined our Ohana, and look forward to seeing him push new boundaries on his way to success!

Look forward to his new Office Evolution location in Northern Virginia! Or find a location in your area.

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