4 Ways to Find Affordable Office Space in Tampa

While Tampa is a cost-friendly place to run a small business, some entrepreneurs are having trouble finding affordable office space in the Tampa Bay area. One reason is the city's strong economy, which has increased competition for office space. Another reason is that a lot of low-cost office space in the local area is outdated. While cheap, these offices lack the kinds of features modern small businesses need in a workspace.

That said, you don't need to settle for a substandard workspace if you're renting on a budget. Outside-the-box solutions can give you the high-quality you're looking for, without the sticker shock of a typical high-end lease. Below, we've collected four of the smartest ways to search for affordable office space.

How to Find Affordable Office Space for Rent

  • Lease from another company. While it isn't always possible, some of the best deals on office space come from other businesses. If you're looking for startup office space, you might be able to find a larger local company with unused square footage. In many cases, these businesses are happy to lease office space they aren't using, and this space will typically come cheaper than a standard lease.
  • Sub-lease to professionals. Business-to-business leases can also work in the opposite direction. If you're an expanding company, you may wish to lease a larger office you can grow into. In that case, you can rent the space you're not currently using out to smaller businesses and local professionals. This strategy can help you land a cheap, long-term deal on a larger office, without wasting money on idle space.
  • Operate a virtual office. A lot of smaller businesses don't actually need a physical office. Instead, you can set up a virtual office by renting a business address, hiring a phone answering service, and creating a strong online presence. Your business will appear like an office-based company, but you'll be able to work from home, on-the-go, or out of a co-working space. If you ever need an office or a meeting room, these can be rented by the hour at affordable rates.
  • Rent in a shared office center. Right now, one of the easiest ways to find affordable office space is through a shared office center, like Office Evolution® Tampa. In this situation, you're paying for a private, furnished office. But in doing so, you also gain access to the kinds of professional services and resources that only a larger workplace can support. Many of these offices are available on month-to-month agreements, giving you financial flexibility in addition to affordable office space.

Low-Cost Office Space Solutions in Tampa

We offer a wide range of workspace solutions for local small businesses. We provide affordable office space through our private office rentals, plus low-cost co-working memberships, dedicated desk rentals, and virtual office services. Based in Tampa's thriving Westshore District, we are perfectly located for anyone working in the Tampa Bay area, with easy access to areas like St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, and Citrus Park.

Call (813) 591-4500 today to learn more about our affordable office space solutions in Tampa, FL.

Written by: Office Evolution

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