How to Choose a Meeting Room in Tampa

Thanks to business centers like Office Evolution, it’s easier than ever to know how to choose a meeting room in Tampa.

When you need to host an effective meeting, you can’t rent just any meeting room. Instead, you’ll need to find a meeting spot that’s in a great location, with a functional space, and with the equipment and resources that your meeting requires.

Here’s how to rent a meeting room in Tampa to make that happen.

What Goes into a Great Meeting Space Rental

The Right Location

When you’re hosting a meeting, you want to keep things accessible. That starts with choosing a convenient location. The ideal meeting room rental will be a short drive away for any participants. It will be easy to locate from major roadways and will offer onsite parking to guests.

If you’re hosting a longer meeting, or one that’s closer to lunchtime, you might also want to find a spot that’s close to dining options. Also if you’re hosting out-of-town clients, see if you can score a meeting spot close to their accommodations.

The Right Space

You can’t host an effective meeting in a cramped or poorly designed meeting space. So it’s important to find a space well-suited to the size and format of your meeting.

Here are a few guidelines for how to choose a meeting room in Tampa:

  • Smaller, private meetings can be conducted in larger rooms, but they’re generally more effective in smaller, private spaces.
  • Discussions and conferences work best in spaces that encourage discussion and involvement. This usually means a roundtable layout.
  • Larger training sessions, presentations, and Q&A’s typically may function better in a classroom-style meeting space.

The Right Resources

Before you book a meeting room in Tampa, it’s important to confirm that you’ll have the resources you’ll need. Confirm that you’ll have access to any important technologies or equipment you’ll need, such as teleconferencing and screen-sharing equipment.

Also, check what kinds of services and amenities will be available to you and your guests. Will you have access to high-speed Wi-Fi? Coffee, tea, and water? Onsite assistance for meeting preparations? These might seem like small things, but they can go a long way toward ensuring an effective meeting.

Renting a Meeting Room at Office Evolution Tampa

At Office Evolution Tampa, we make it easy to rent a meeting room or day office for your next meeting. We offer two conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art meeting equipment, as well as day office rentals for smaller conferences.

Located in the Westshore District, our facility is easily accessible from Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Citrus Park, and Brandon. We’re within walking distance of countless local shops and restaurants, and we’re less than 10 minutes from both downtown and Tampa International Airport.

Call (813) 591-4500 today to learn more about our meeting room in Tampa, Florida!

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