How to Choose a Coworking Space that Works for You

We are seeing a large shift in the way people work since the start of the pandemic last year. Some larger companies still have their offices closed until 2022. More and more young adults are gearing towards freelance work. All of these factors are resulting in an uptick in searches for coworking spaces. These spaces provide an environment for focus and stability that aims to replicate the atmosphere of traditional office space. There is an overwhelming amount of coworking options nowadays and finding the right space is important. Here are some factors that you should consider when making your decision. 

Coworking Locations Near Me

One of the benefits of working from home is avoiding a long commute to work. Skipping this long commute is one of the leading reasons why freelance work has become so popular. Finding a coworking location near to home is a big benefit.  In addition other factors that should be considered include proximity to a gym, good lunch spots, and networking opportunities should also be a part of your consideration. 

Work Environment 

Another aspect that should be considered when choosing a coworking location is the work environment. The atmosphere where you work can directly impact your performance and productivity. Cafes are usually loud and distracting. Choose a space that fits your needs. Good internet speeds and quiet spaces are conducive to increased productivity. When touring a center, get a vibe for how the center operates. Is it quiet or noisy? Do the other companies and individual workers have some rapport? These factors can directly affect your work performance and peace of mind.


After you have figured out your location and work environment preferences, next you need to weigh the cost of the coworking space. Sometimes it can benefit you in the long run to spend a little extra for amenities that can benefit you or your business. Speed of internet, coffee, conference rooms, and phone answering services can provide you opportunities to land more business by impressing clients. When you go in for a tour, ask some specific questions about whether the space charges extra for printing, conference rooms, internet, furniture, coffee, parking, notary services and other amenities. It helps to know upfront what is included in your plan so that there are no surprises when you are billed.  Also, convenient access to your work space is important so a first floor location versus having to take an elevator with restricted occupancy is also a consideration when selecting.


With the wide variety of coworking options it can be overwhelming at times trying to choose the right space for yourself. Ask for a demo of the space before you settle on your permanent spot. This is where you will be working for the future so it is an important choice.



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