5 Signs It's Time to Transition from a Home Office to an Office Rental in Greenwood Village

A home office is often the perfect place to start a small business. But when your business starts to scale, your home office could hamper the growth of your business. At Office Evolution® Greenwood Village, our office rentals are the perfect next step for a home office-based business. We know how limiting a home office can be for entrepreneurs in Greenwood Village and other nearby communities. We also know how important a private office rental can be to growing your business in the Greater Denver Area.

Is Your Business Outgrowing Your Home Office?

How can entrepreneurs in the Greenwood Village area tell when it’s time to make the switch from a home office to a private office rental? While the decision will be different for every business, there are some warning signs that your home office is holding back your business.

Here are five signs it’s time to make the switch from your home office to a private office rental with Office Evolution Greenwood Village:

  1. Your Home Is Hampering Productivity. 41% of home-based entrepreneurs struggle with time management. If distractions are chewing into your billable hours, and other strategies aren’t helping you increase productivity, an office rental can make a big difference.
  2. You Can’t Find a Good Place for Meetings. When you’re starting your business, you can get away with holding meetings at your clients’ workplace or a convenient public space. But as your business grows, a professional meeting space becomes more and more important.
  3. You’re Worried About Your Business Image. While working from home is common these days, there comes a point where it can hamper your image and prevent you from reaching your target clientele.
  4. You’re Poorly Positioned for Networking. Few small businesses succeed without strong networking skills. You might find that working from a residential address is impeding the quality and frequency of your networking opportunities.
  5. Your Work-Life Balance Is Suffering. Working from home can quickly erode work-life boundaries, particularly as your business requires more and more of your time.

Benefits of an Office Rental in Greenwood Village, CO

With more than twenty private offices just steps away from the Denver Tech Center (DTC), Office Evolution Greenwood Village is one of the first places local entrepreneurs go when upgrading to an office rental from a home office. Some of the key benefits we offer include:

  • A fully furnished and equipped Private Office where you can maximize personal productivity.
  • Conference room access and a dedicated business mail address to impress clients.
  • Reception, phone answering, and on-site support services to reduce time spent on non-revenue generating activities.
  • Close proximity to the Denver Tech Center and major businesses.
  • An away-from-home workspace to make your work-life balance easier.

Learn more about the Private Office rentals available at Office Evolution Greenwood Village by calling 303-447-6846 today!