Why It’s Important to Cultivate a Work Culture Where Breaks are OK

When you think about a productive workday, what does it look like? If you said eight hours at a desk, you are likely not alone.

However, research is continually showing us that this is not the most effective way to work. Many people feel that their workload is too high, their tasks too urgent or their days simply too busy to allow for regular breaks—but taking breaks throughout the workday is actually one of the best things people can do for their productivity.

Despite all the research that points to taking breaks being a good way to get more done throughout the day, company cultures have been slow to catch up in many cases. Nearly half of employees surveyed in a recent Forbes poll reported that they feel uncomfortable taking a break during work hours, but given all the benefits it provides, it is important for those in leadership roles to encourage break-taking behavior.

Why It’s Important to Have a Company Culture That Involves Breaks

Breaks increase focusing capability. The human brain is not designed to focus its attention on a single thing for a long period of time—in fact, when it is forced to, research indicates that overall thinking power is severely diminished. Taking breaks can restore this focus, allowing for the time spent working to be far more effective and intentional.

Breaks make employees happier. Feeling chained to the desk for eight hours a day, five days a week is more than simply unpleasant—it is not natural for the way that humans intuitively live and work. Employees often feel like they need to be present at their desk to appear productive to higher-ups, but can find far more satisfaction if they are able to move about freely and take breaks away from their desk as needed.

Breaks can improve our health. If breaks involve standing, walking and getting physical activity in, they are healthier for the brain as well as the body. Getting the blood moving and walking around is a smart way to combat the negative impacts of a sedentary job and can provide workers with a mood boost, too.

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