Why Cowork as a Freelancer? | Office Evolution

Working for yourself is a beautiful alternative to working for a company. You know this, though, because why else would you do it?

You have more freedom over when you work, where you work and who you work with. You have more control over your pay and where you decide to live.

Freelancing is becoming much more popular now that other workers are working remotely and are experiencing a few of the benefits you have as a freelancer. The option to work from home, should you choose to, is desirable and comforting for those that may have had a substantial commute or have pets or children.

But while working from home is an attractive option for some, it can be detrimental to the performance of others. Many people have trouble focusing at home or in a coffee shop and could benefit from a location similar to their previous office space.

For these individuals, coworking provides a great solution! Offering workspaces with amenities neither your home office nor your company’s office can provide is an attractive opportunity for remote employees, but it could be great for freelancers, too.

Joining a coworking environment can not only keep your work out of your home but can also provide many professional opportunities.

How Can Coworking Help?

When working for yourself, you miss out on the office community, and with that office community comes a network. A network is a collection of people you know who may be able to benefit you professionally and vice versa.

These could be people who you have worked for, with or know on a personal level. These connections can help you find employers, employees, investors and many other relationships that can be beneficial to you.

They not only can make the connection for you but can also act as a reference. In a coworking space, you are constantly meeting other professionals, and while you may not need them now, you never know how that may change down the road.

The amenities a coworking space can provide are another considerable advantage. Most spaces have free internet access, fitness centers, kitchens and many other services for you to utilize.

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